Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trimet lift service is seriously out of compliance with Federal law

Which leads me to wonder about the competency of the people in managerial jobs at Trimet

This stuff should be routine, how did they screw up this badly

That's the most comprehensive objective report I have ever seen about Trimet service. 

Trimet had no hand in the preparing of this report. 

Trimet also did not pay for this report so there is no conflict of interest like all the reports that Trimet did pay for

Trimet has had plenty of time to correct these mistakes, I'd sure like to see their corrections 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Haha! Broke already

Trimet operators of the year!

— (L-R) Jeffery Evans, MAX Operator of the Year; Alex Ohly, Bus Operator of the Year; Justina Carrillo, Part-Time Operator of the Year, and the Dick Head

Trimet MAX on time performance dismal

You know your light rail system is a FAIL when its on time performance is as bad as the buses.
Light rail is supposed to avoid the pitfalls of bus service.

But here we have Trimet light rail service continuing to be pitiful, month after month
And the management doesn't seem to be interested in fixing it.

One simple step that the management could take would be to END HOLDING TRAINS FOR FARE INSPECTORS!

I've been in many places and have never seen public transportation stopped so people could check fares.

Only in Portland Trimet is this routine. 
And it causes numerous delays which trickle down the line.

Because public transportation technocrats don't actually use public transportation, they don't give any of this a second thought.

Trimet budget snapshot

As you can see here more than 1/2 the funds end up going to non service functions. "Public affairs" "information technology" "capital projects" etc etc.

And of course the banks get their cut, a cool $40 million a year

This is why I am against any tax initiatives to expand transit. We know 1/2 will be stolen by the technocrats in charge to expand their empires

Article in LA expressing some doubts about the Expo Line causes mass hysteria

Doesn't matter that some of the points are accurate and that it is indeed true that light rail TOTALLY changes the communities it touches. Doesn't matter that there is supposed to be freedom of speech in this country. Nope, this person was subjected to the usual Internet baloney and removed the article. Which she should NOT have done. I've been watching the light rail propaganda in LA and it's really something I got to tell Ya. They have a massive tax hike on the table and don't want anybody messing with people's minds with alternative narratives. This whole world wide light rail movement is scary.
I wonder about all those pro rail tweets in LA. They all sound contrived to me

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stop building light rail idiots

ATU757/TRIMET working and wage agreement

Work at Trimet for fun and enjoyment

Trimet working wage agreement has conflicting information

Apparently there is this clause which pertains to MINI RUNNERS. 
The issue here is what about the Trimet FULL TIME drivers that were fired one day before their 6 months? 
They were no longer mini runners hence this clause would not pertain to them. 
I'm not a lawyer but I think its pretty obvious that Trimet can't terminate a full time operator after they have had their 120 day probation. 
The mini run clause only applies to those who are mini runners. 
I know some people that should have their jobs back that were terminated under the mini run clause who were not mini runners


This is a major loss for ATU activists.
 Bill was very active in union affairs and a great help the cause. This man will be sorely missed!
Below are a couple recent video appearances at the Trimet board

Yup the language is clear. 120 'calendar' days

Trimet firing employees illegally ?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Regarding the Trimet contract offer-video log

Shirley Block

The Trimet gambit

This is from one of my confidants

My prognostication: So the object of TriMet/Stedman is to make Shirley look bad and Bruce look good. Shirley cannot support the BS contract Bruce drove w/o looking like she supports Bruce. She will try to negotiate. TriMet will offer less, so that TriMet drivers lose a little and wish they'd taken the renewal of Bruces contract they were offered in the first place. No matter what, there is no good outcome for Shirley, which is what TriMet/Stedman want: her out and more malleable union people in.


Olive branch or con game?

NW Labor press on the contract offer

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Technocrats say light rail-of course

Every other district around the 'free' world is bringing this issue to the voters.
Not here in Portland however. 
The 'leaders' are making the decision for the rest of us 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Seen on Trimet operators facebook page

Any operators having an issue with ringing in their left ear? I got to thinking our wonderful newer 3000 series buses have extremely loud even when turned down bell for stops is about a foot away directly above our left ear. Another operator I know is having hearing issues with his left ear.

It's still going on

This is really inexcusable