Monday, April 27, 2020

Neal Berlin

TriMet management rarely ever fire one of their own.  They give the person who they want out the door a “Special Assignment “.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The case of Ryan Viken

Ryan had been advocating for more appropriate actions for operators regarding this corona nightmare. This has lead to certain problems with the management. I was very familiar with these types of problems when I worked there too!! Funny how the faces change but all the policies don't. If anything they just keep getting worse and worse! His case is starting to look like this case in EDMONTON CANADA

Trimet radio-April 22 (2) +23

Trimet bus radio-April 21 (3) + 22

Holy shit!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Me and Scott

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Operator doing yoga

Scott’s Audio on KXL

Scott Quzazz on KXL

Unprotected TriMet drivers

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Reckless TriMet management

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Bruce Hansen reports

This is my summary of notes based on today’s (4-13-20) meeting with Sam Desue, Ed Bennett, Katheryn Wittman, and Jeremy (Sorry Jeremy I forgot your last name). If there is anything that you feel is incorrect, please correct my summarization. Items with no response in red are awaiting your response.  Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting again next week. 

Trimet bus driver tries to protect himself, TriMet says no way


-Line 14 East on 82nd Bynom says 82nd is north to south -Line 15 reroute confusion -Line 20 Did you pass up more than 1 person?? -Line 57 What kind of a load do you have? -Get the keys to the big van and bring them to Powell garage? -Line 33 Truck stopped in front! PA -He was transported! -Best option for test is the motor home! -Line 33 Medical Hospital Emergency Police cars revolving light Fell out of seat and hurt his back. -Line 54 They’ll get your relief next trip downtown at 12:44 -They guy at BTC got up! -Line 54 Your relief marked off and you have no relief -Unconscious at BTC -Line 75 Operator thinks they might see a body at Pier Park CLICK HERE!

TriMet is its own country

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Thursday, April 9, 2020

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Board meeting part 3- ZERO cuts to capital projects

Trimet board meeting part 2



-collision head on
-2 operators left behind
-7502 left the pouch Pouch in break room How long for free Hop? 
-Line 77 your leader had a pass up
-Seat belt alarm
-Line 4 Bags of Cans all over the place
-Line 20 She smells like Urine 
-Line 6 Crazy person at Layover
-Line 20 Someone threw a rock at the bus
-Line 72 medical
-Line 6 Violent man at Jantzen beach
-operator upset wants to talk with supervisor
-Line 33 Pass up
-cans are allowed
-shopping cart on fire
-fire at hollywood
-Line 4 Graffiti
-Line 72 Police 🚔 needed
-Smoking 🚬 on the bus
-Line 76 Suicidal person
-Line 6 Biohazard
-Line 75 Operator calls in fire 🔥 across from Pier Park 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The process is flawed


Trimet bus radio April 6 (3)

-The restroom is closed at orenco...Hours of business? -Hop charged him! Is it good the rest of the day? -sleepers of course -puke buses -no reliefs -Line 6 Hit parked truck downtown PA -Baby in stroller -Line 77 missed the turn -Line 17 Rear ended at 122nd&Holgate -Line 12 I have two gentleman on board he’s saying their spouse have #coronavirus -Car on fire -The disposed trashing the bus shelter -Line 51 just stop Stop sign your bus -Line 44 Fell out of the back door -Line 9 Medical Hospital Emergency -Line 70 I’m confused -Line 75 Drunk&disorderly -Line 17 Outer housing came off -Line 75 Customer upset with one of the other drivers! -Line 17 Accident Synopsis NPA -Are you having any trouble with satellite -Line 18 confusion

Monday, April 6, 2020


-Wants to board with 3 bags of cans! Dispatch says there will be no cans soon -Line 67 Passenger hasn’t paid and won’t go out the rear doors -Unhappy passenger at 185th&Merlo -Plugging into the break room at RQ 😲😲 -No keys 🔑 for restroom -Accident Synopsis Bus involved with Cyclist -sleepers of course -What reroute are you following? What reroute? Missed sunset TC - -Line 77 missed the turn and know she’s stuck -Line 6 Operator Explains loud verbal to Bynum and he explains up to 15 people -Line 15 Stuck and Can’t make the turn -Line 6 Customer Conduct Yelling and racial slurs 3000s can carry 12 -More Line 63 confusion -Line 72 Drinking vodka on max platform -Line 33 Throwing pop cans at the bus -Line 67 Pull over at the next stop Stop sign Police looking for someone on your bus Bus -Line 12 She’s off the bus Bus Bynum offers a counseling session -Line 12 Loud Verbal She’s refusing to pay

Jarrett Walker discussion

TRIMET BUS RADIO-April 5 (3) + 6th

-“He’s sunbathing in the street”
-no relief at Hillsboro TC
-Line 57 What do I do if the bus is at capacity? I’ve had a few days off.
-Line 57 Operator refused boarding do to no HOP
-Road sup talked to can operator.
-Fell making a turn! No medical
-Missed the turn
-What’s the policy about standing or sitting?
-Line 9 Police Oncoming police Emergency
-line 57 Operator refused boarding do to no HOP
-Line 75 You might want to have a word with the operator about denying because of cans
-Line 75 Leaky Cans I cant board them
-I took the wrong pouch
-Line 57 Over 10 people and I’m the last bus at Hillsboro TC
-Line 12 possible overload
-What’s the policy for pass up?
-Laying down in the road at Hollywood TC
-What reroute are you following? What reroute? Missed sunset TC

Sunday, April 5, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-March 5 (2)

-How many did you leave at Gresham TC? There all non essentials.
-Glass bottle shattered by the front door.
-Line 2 Heads up There’s a bunch of non essentials at Gresham TC No 24 hour service
-Hwy 30 ramp shut down
-Line 15 wierd mechanical call
-Can you clarify for me 10-15 passengers?
-Sleep Sleeping
-He’s taking the screws out of the seat
-I misread my paddle! I’m supposed to be in Oregon city not Clackamas TC
-Seat belt is stuck
-3 screws missing on Ada ramp
-Line 70 Short line Question
-Line 20 She looks like she’s goona pass out. Snot running out of her nose.
-Is she having a hard time breathing?
-All new operators have been instructed on everything 
-No Relief
-Line 57 She called 238-Ride and put it on speaker phone 
-“He’s sunbathing in the street”

TRIMET RADIO-April 4 (2) + 5th

-Worried about his cans
-Removing the sleeper
-acting crazy, laughing, screaming
-won't get off
-wait for dispatcher
-he's just sitting there
-Line 6 Customer conduct
-Line 6 Customer says they have Covid-19
-Line 6 Operator can’t determine wether she has the virus or not. Management says roll. We can’t take every bus out of service. 
-Supervisor is now a tour guide for the visitor
-Line 72 Emergency Police cars revolving light Fire Fire
-Line 6 She’s coughing and I don’t have a supervisor available and can’t send police.
-Highly intoxicated
-Lady spit or upset?
-Line 6 Operator has sore throat (Operator wants to mark off) 
-Mind my own business
-Line 20 He was throwing something away and I told him not too
-Line 20 There will be an extra following you 
-Line 20 She’s got a black eye and dizzy She just got out of hospita
-#Trimet secret footage released
-Did they transport her? When you get to Gresham there’s a bunch of non essentials waiting there.

TriMet radio-April 4

-Sandy! -popeyes chicken thrown all over operator -operator wants to avoid 5 day suspension -bus hard stop due to car door -coughing criminals everywhere

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Have you been denied boarding on TriMet



Friday, April 3, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Loading a body at Skidmore

HOBO Trimet radio calls set to art

This is what you get when unaccountable technocrats control policy