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I don't see how ya'II could or would work for a company whose mission is something you oppose.  Sure, I like our retirement, but I spent 25 years working for Trimet.  I am neither ashamed nor embrassed of my time there. I believe in the mission because I believe mass transit is good for any metropolitan area.
I also believe that most employees strive to give the tax payers a good value for the money.  Our retirements are dependent on current employees successfully growing that company.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Public transit private trauma

Drivers describe frequent verbal, physical abuse on the road and then being thrown under the bus by insensitive colleagues, supervisors
By: Ben Waldman

Bus drivers with true heart dealing with the problems of the world run by sociopaths

Friday, March 15, 2019

Another failed Trimet internal survey

Less than 1:5 employees bothered to take this survey so it’s  impossible to extrapolate any meaningful information. What they got was more technocratic mumbo jumbo

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Hate agreeing with this guy

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Trimet Deke N’Blue

Local transit management should have been fired years ago, but it has been allowed to run roughshod over its own employees and the communities it serves. It has too much unchecked power for far too long. It promised its employees decades ago to fund a pension and provide medical insurance for a career that results in health issues in lieu of regular pay increases, but when it was caught red-handed having not done so, nobody was disciplined. Somebody should be in jail as a result, but an internet search for this fails to bring up the true story

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