Friday, May 31, 2019

Cancelled bus runs report last 6 months

Japanese bus drivers on Strike

Neal Berlin

I just wonder how much money TriMet has already has spent on the SW Corridor Project ( $300 Billion estimated final cost)? The big difference between the this article and Trimet has NOT received a public vote to proceed with construction. This has not stopped or even slowed TriMet to keep moving ahead with project even though public testimony has shown using TriMets own statistics that estimates of potential ridership is not even close to reality. Those people and facts have been dismissed with distain as nothing more as a bunch of college school kids doing an some kind of science project. One thing this taxpayer also wonders about and would like a answer is how much money is being spent by TriMet Public Relations Department to support the 2020 Bond measure to pay for this fiasco. Both of these questions may be asked but will in all probably will never be answered. The bill will be sent via an enormous increase in property taxes,not itemize, if it passes. So it goes... Two Bells.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bambi is dead

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Excellent essay on bus drivers

I can’t remember a time when public transportation wasn’t part of my life.

I have boarded public buses from here to Seattle, and dozens of towns and cities in between

For more decades than I care to count, public transportation has gotten me where I needed to go, and it is cheap. In my book, that is a winning combination.
But I have seen many changes and, in more ways than one, public transportation has become an unpleasant, grin-and-bear-it experience for the riding public.

Neal Berlin on the murder of HART transit operator

This press conference sounds like they took ALL the talking points from the last 18 plus years from the TriMet PR Department (Portland,Oregon transit agency) and spewed it out with the same monotone sincerity that top Management have mastered that rank and file recognize as BS!  We in Portland had two passengers killed in the past 18 months and assaults on operators,supervisors and other company personnel is at all time high, and still going higher.  The response from Management and its Board is we will be gathering more static’s and will get back to everyone soon with a plan.  I wonder if a another tragic death occurs will while they are on one of their days off will they wait until Monday to respond?  I bet Vegas would not take that bet.   So it goes... Two Bells.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

If you get killed or injured on trimet your only worth 2 years of Kelsey’s salary

And it won’t matter who’s fault it is either

Friday, May 17, 2019

The city of Portland is actually putting in some bus lanes thanks to Alan Kessler

See BIKE PORTLAND for details. Alan Kessler deserves recognition for being the driving force behind it

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Neal Berlin

Gee, let’s see if  Channel 12 , Portland Oregon, will do something similar or just run and produce with Trimet, the local transit agency, more puff feel good PR 2 minutes presentations.  See if Trimet will hand over without going through Freedom of Information Act video of what really is taking place on its bus, trains and platforms.  Trimet Public Relations plan is getting into high gear to get taxpayers wallets to vote for the 2020 SW Corridor project.  Do not bother to show up and testify about your concerns to Trimet and its Board of Directors, they have already made up their minds, let’s get the people’s money and make it our money!  When the time comes to vote, Vote No!Meanwhile, TriMet just is crossing their fingers that there be NO incidents (like passengers or operators getting killed,getting assaulted is okay because that is always is the operators fault)that will upset the beautiful picture of safety and reliability that in reality is an allusion.  So it goes... Two Bells.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Joys of being a TriMet bus driver

I’m a driver. This happened yesterday.

Those of you who know me know, I’m most often considered an “Alpha Female”. I am kind but take no shit. I heap praises upon strangers for acts of kindness whether they be random or necessitated. I have a very strong personal space bubble an never let bad vibes pop it. I am fallible as the next human being but am always strong even when I’m wrong.
That being said, I am deeply saddened and confused about my feelings, emotional response and complete breakdown I am experiencing still fro yesterday’s verbal and spacial violation.