Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deutschland takes back #2

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Some guys handle this job better than others

Dispatch updates

May 31-11:50am-3:56pm

Seen on bus 72 today

Some info

1.The Unfair Labor Practice for TriMet Employees concerning COLA’s (cost of living adjustment) was settled and the Union won.
2.The COLA adjustments will be received retroactive calculating from 6/1/2011, 12/1/2011 & 6/1/2012. These are the scheduled dates that you should have received your COLA increases but did not, these are guaranteed wages that you will receive in your pay check.
3.TriMet’s current Arbitration is complete; Ron Heintzman was the expert witness for the union. Since Ron was one of the people who wrote the contract he was able to bring information to the proceeding and make it clear as to the intention of the Labor Contract Language. The decision for TriMet arbitration is expected on or before July 31, 2012.
4.The new contract negotiations for TriMet will begin in August, as the current contract (decided by the arbitrator), will expire in November


Mort Shabazi

Missed this

Transit GIS Clearinghouse Webinar – OTP and Its Deployment at TriMet » Transit GIS Clearinghouse


Another new executive joins McFührer, who knows what this guy will be up too...

The Labor Relations and Human Resources Division welcomes Barry Chapman, who starts today as HR Business Partner supporting Operations and Safety. Barry has an extensive background in Human Resources leadership roles and a particularly strong knowledge of transportation operations. As we restructure Human Resources, Barry also will supervise our dedicated recruiter for Operations, Carol Crossen.


Timbers report

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Trains are screwed up due to police

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Rock and roll marathon reports

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Elderly man almost gets hit by MAX


TriMet: Board of Directors Meetings

Another dispatch update-(lotsa action lately)

May 31-11:50am-3:56pm

I have the original contract and there are discrepencies


Take a good look at this clause. Why is this not allowed when the contract states it should be allowed?

Our "old" contract-original version-summary

Dispatch update

May 30/31-11:38pm-11:45am

Clackamas bus driver attacked by student Portland

Disabled woman misses bus and ends up disappeared

Woman still missing after call from Portland bus stop -


The Newbie

TriMet Diaries


Milwaukie, county search for light rail bucks
“Paralyze resistance with persistence”

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MAY 30-6:36PM-11:24PM

Dispatch updates:

Europe really going for electric buses and trucks

Photo Release -- Valence Partnership With PVI Boosts Electric Truck and Bus Sales in Europe - MarketWatch


Union grievances escalate against ECAT management firm | Pensacola News Journal |


Do they care? Of course not!
Check my Twitter Feed!


Here are some of the classic dispatch videos

If you haven't heard this great clips I encourage you to do it quickly before Trimet finds yet another way to shut me down:

Bunch of old clips that I just dug up 

May 29/30-11:53pm-6:32pm

Dispatch update

Searching around my internet domains

I have more blogs and internet sites than you can shake a stick at, after getting my dispatch library deleted I started tracking down some of these old sites, I found this movie which was taken inside a nursing home, still give me the creeps to watch it. This poor woman was hollering and hollering for her pillow and nobody came to her aid until I did.

My Turn: MAX Orange Line will bring safety, traffic, parking issues to Milwaukie

Ed Zumwalt

Oregonian editorial board-so progressive-so unlike Portland itself

MAX line beating untangled |

Some more lovely dispatch updates

May 29-7:16pm/11:48pm
rider hits the bus 3 times
I'm at the end of my rope and won't talk about it because people are listening
Everybody off and I'm not talking about it
Processing Man falls over after getting off bus


 MAY 28/29-9:26PM-11:26AM
Saturday may 26-4pm


YouTube, which is always VERY RISKY TO USE, and I know that from experience, has cancelled my dispatch library account. Hopefully the people that were enjoying it enjoyed it while it lasted.
I'm almost 100% sure that it was Trimet that got this action to happen, using "trademark infringement" as the issue, even though it was clearly stated in the title of the site that it was the unofficial call center site.  The people that were interested in the  material had already heard it anyway, so its not big deal in reality.
I listen to things once only myself.

I'll come up with something else, in the meantime you can still enjoy dispatch calls live:

Song for Trimet management

I signed up for this

Kick Ass Oregon History Portland Bar Double Decker Bus Tour |
(last I looked there were 2 seats left)

3 teens, mom sentenced in YouTube Green Line MAX beating

I rode for three days and 242 miles on public transit. Here’s who I met.

Willamette Week

Shit hole called Trimess

 Live from the field:

bus overhead reads one thing on inside and something different on outside.....

mic doesnt work!..

let me tell u..i am NOT gonna holler all day! They can kiss off!

the bus was so filthy coulldnt even see out windshield..

operaor thre transfers all down by seat!..

shit it just goes on and on here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

LACMTA: No more honor system

Now, with 85 miles of track and 170,000 riders, the board of the county's Metropolitan Transportation Authority has voted to make the system work like it does in every other big city by approving locking gates.
Riders have previously been expected to have a ticket, and faced a $250 fine if caught without one. Tickets will now have transponders and riders will scan them to open gates.
"The honor system hasn't worked," said Los Angeles County supervisor and MTA board member Zev Yaroslavsky. "I don't know of any major metropolitan transit agency in the world that does this."

44 to Pier Park gets better service on Sunday than the Weekdays

Weekday / Sunday

Investigating a dispatch call-lady that pooped her pants

Location where all the big shots gave themselves that party


We need this sort of investigation on Trimet

What Trimet needs to do with these old piece of shit buses


I asked Jon the  following question: 
Rumor is that you want to use any back pay received from Trimet (COLA'S, Health) for union purposes.

Jonathan's response:
That is an absolute false rumor! No way Shape or form! 
It's all campaign lies

Riding Trimet-Leonard part 3

Conversation with disability advocate Michael Levine-part 3


Portland's got a lot more transit than just TriMet


Portland, OR: LRT is so cost-ineffective, unable to operate at promised frequencies

SkyTrain for Surrey

Direct from the field

wouldnt iit be great if this of piece ofshit place to work could give u good equipment to drive?..i know an odd request!...spend all kinds of money elsewhere!
no headlights!...tried everything!..i will call when i roll out of here!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother, daughter who held down and slugged TriMet passengers were treated rudely and shoved as they lashed out

A ride on Portland's historic trolley with classic Trimet operator Neil Berlin


Rock and Roll marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

Rock and Roll marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports

I was the only roomer for the event and was very busy, I think that we need more than I roomer for the event. There were long delays for the buses in many of the bump-through. The reroute for the line 14 were confusing to the drivers and passengers. And the report time should have been 5am and not 5:30am. 

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports

Cirque du Soleil presents OVO

Real Trimet supervisory reports
TVM machines were not in good working order.
One TVM was “Out of Service” and the other was barely working.  People had to wait in a long line to buy a fare and missed a train they could have easily been on.  We may get several complaints about the operational issues of our TVM machines.  Both should have been in good working order for the event.

Real Trimet supervisory reports

Mr. xxxxxx stated that he was slightly distracted East bound with last minute customers east bound at 82nd Ave. He took a point of power and realized he had not called the signal and would trip. He called control pulled back recalled and proceeded. He was fit for duty and was off for the day.
 I arrived Gresham Transit at 21:43. As I drove by bus # 2272 operating as a number 9. I noticed the drivers side from the operators cab window back had fresh gang paint on the side of the bus. I called dispatch reporting it and contacted the bus operator she also said it was new. The paint was tacky to the touch and you could still smell it.

Real Trimet supervisory reports

On Wednesday 4/18/12 my partner, xxxx and I de-boarded a SB train, (9064) at 850pm. As we walked to the front of the train i looked over at the operator, xxxxx and noticed him wearing a black or blue beanie hat and a silver earpiece in his right ear. 

After Action Report - Supervisory reports

Bus Bridge – Rail Grinding (Northbound)
Had to use 7/67 due to too many bikes.
Had to call CTran to hold last bus at Delta Park.
Two busses were not enough to handle the load due to too many bicycles. Twice we had trains with 5 bicycles on board. Also, Dispatch had to call CTran and have them hold the last bus from Delta Park until our bus got there to transfer passengers. We should have made arrangements with CTran earlier.

Like it or not-your getting it

MAX to change face of eastside

Tri-Met orders first Mystery Train cars: $73 million

(Jack Bog's Blog)


Brothers and Sisters,
I am writing this concerning the so called “Safety Committee”.  I had concerns about an issue that all of us operators worry about, “slip and falls”.  I had gotten a PA, due to someone getting up on my bus to ring a bell, I had to make a hard stop and the person fell.  I got blamed by 9 or so people, including trainers.  When the so called “Safety Committee” was formed to take operator suggestions, I jumped at the chance to put pressure on them, to address the #2 safety issue “we” have (passengers getting up while the bus is in motion), here where my suggestions on how to deal with this:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

ATU Presidential Candidate Tom Horton

Al,Are You 'Boltin" to Seattle?

Trimet operator ruins bathroom

Joy of Laundry is a small business in North
Portland at the end of lines 4 and 44. To express his appreciation for TriMet’s service and
operators’ hard work, the owner makes his restroom available to operators on layover. Last
month, this small business owner had to pay a big plumbing bill because a TriMet employee
apparently used the restroom when it was marked “out of order.” What had been a broken
water main became an even messier problem. This unfortunate story is a reminder that the
familiar rules really do matter:
• Don’t flush what shouldn’t be flushed
• Don’t use a restroom labeled “out of order”
• Don’t give access to non-TriMet personnel
• Leave no trace—no litter, graffiti, spills, etc.
In other words, treat layover facilities as you would your own property—or better! Thanks for
doing your part to keep these facilities available.

It is legal for petitioners to ride Trimet

Petition gathering on board
Initiative supporters have until July 6 to collect signatures to qualify statewide measures for the
November ballot. Thus, we expect paid signature gatherers and others to target transit, particularly
during Rose Festival and other large events.
Federal and state law permits individuals to canvas for signatures on TriMet property so long as the
effort does not interfere with our transit operations or create a risk of safety. If the activity does block
boarding or deboarding of the vehicles, restricts the free movement of passengers in or about the
stations or stops, or otherwise constitutes a safety hazard, you may request that the activity be
stopped. If you have concerns about the conduct of signature gatherers, contact a supervisor, or call
Dispatch or Control to send someone out to
investigate the behavior.

Latest dispatch updates

Trimet over the airwaves May 25/26-11:58AM/12:24AM
 Trimet over the airwaves May 26-12:53PM-8:18PM
 Trimet over the airwaves May 26-8:19PM/11:00PM
 Driver waits 12 minutes for a transfer!
 Claudine wakes up a passenger
 What the fuck business is it of yours where I am going?

Memories of an ex bus driver

One of the more interesting events on my bus was when I was driving the 8.
I was at the hospital heading back and a man got on the bus in a hospital gown and he had blood dried up on his arms.
He obviously had just escaped from the hospital.
He got on and sat down, of course no fare was paid.
I didn't say a thing. I just let him ride, I never removed a passenger over fare or got into a dispute with a passenger over fare.
I took him where he wanted to go which was somewhere off 15th Avenue.
He never said a word to me, coming or going.
I can still see the man like it was yesterday.


ATU Constitution and General laws section 14.3 (Members Disqualified from Holding Office)

14.3 Members Disqualified from Holding Office.

Members who have voluntarily left the service in which the membership of the L.U. is engaged, or who have retired on pension or who have been discharged for cause found by the L.U. to be proper, are not eligible to run for any office in the local. No member who is disqualified from holding office under the provisions of Section 504 of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 shall be eligible for holding office in this Union. Pensioners shall not be eligible to be candidates for or hold office in the L.U. except that members who retire on pension during their term of office may complete the term. Any member who has actually quit the service of an employing company to engage in any other business except for this I.U. shall not be eligible to be elected to office in a L.U. and one who is holding office in his or her L.U. at the time the member so quits the service of an employing company may no longer hold office and must resign. Where a member’s discharge case has been sustained under either the procedure set out in the labor contract for the adjudication of such grievances or in any other adjudicatory forum, the member may no longer hold office and must resign.

Clackastani Light Rail Rebels Meet the Federal Phalanx AgainsThem


Tri-Met, a voice from the ranks.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Riding Trimet-episode 2-part 2


Woman in hiding

Riding Trimet-episode 2-part 1

Rider falls onto operator

Real Trimet supervisory reports:
 Operator stated that the passenger boarded at 15th and Fremont going south, passenger chose not to sit down and was standing. As the bus pulled away from the service stop the passenger lost her balance and fell into the stanchion bar and fell on  an off duty bus operator. Operator said he and others asked if she was okay and she repeatedly stated she was fine, However as the bus pulled into 5th and Davis NW. passenger started complaining of pain in her left shoulder and arm was tingling, at that point dispatch was notified and medical was called. Passenger was transported by AMR 335 to good samaritan.
passenger name

Trimet Fail

Real Trimet supervisory reports:

One TVM was “Out of Service” and the other was barely working.  People had to wait in a long line to buy a fare and missed a train they could have easily been on.  We may get several complaints about the operational issues of our TVM machines.  Both should have been in good working order for the event.