Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Classic tweets

Trimet radio art!

TriMet has no reason to not go fare free!

Go fareless already! Horrible management

Monday, March 30, 2020

Poop Scoop news donates Clorox wipes to Trimet drivers

The collapse of civilization is at hand

Trimet is doing nothing to stop the spread or coronavirus

TRIMET RADIO-March 28 (6) + 29

-rider tries to break back door down -knife with refusal to deboard -sick drivers -fecal on the bus and train -snot flinger on another bus, deboard refusal , using COVID breath on driver -wants medical goes to jail instead -contaminated bus drop off -Driver is considered COVID -fist to mirror -Coughing and blowing snot into hand and flinging it to the floor -social distance tape failure -loud, unruly, cougher -bus cuts off max - hacking & coughing -puke buses and trains -fell out of wheelchair -riders attack each other -pedestrian blocks and body checks the #20 -I want to trade out my 4000 for a 3500 that allows rear boarding for my safety

Sunday, March 29, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-March 28 (5)

-trespasser, missed him by a foot -people throwing stuff at bus -POT smokers threaten drivers life -rider licking the windows & bars (BIO) -confused elder (was a missing person, trimet save) -bad smell -driver possibly contaminated, sent home -rider had an "accident" on seat -crisis in a shelter -masturbator -man throwing stuff at the bus off burnside bridge -coughing, spraying snot out his nose

TRIMET RADIO-March 28 (4)

-toilet invasion -wigging out individual -this contingency bus has no social distance tape -division camper/trespasser -Bio poop on the seat (smeared, not a pile) -Cannabis Smoker!! -customer complaint, sleepers with their crap everywhere -division camper/trespasser -wheres our purel ? -I want a COVID approved backdoor bus -all up in my grill for fit -let me on your bus, not gonna move, cop just drives by.. -Bio poop on the seat (smeared, not a pile) -get him out of that bus -feces on the bench since this morning -scabies & fleas -Gateway urban campers launch COVID offensive -crossman BB shots fired -triggered by indigenous man -customer complaint, sleepers with their crap everywhere -6ft rule / 15 people, what is the official rule, preaching rider -needles on the train -theres some guy shooting up with a needle in his arm

TRIMET RADIO-March 28 (3)

-operator suspects he may have CORONA -I know it was you, toilet left unsecured -garbage on the tracks -mysterious blue ice chest verbal, yellow line violator -shopping cart criminal -max mayhem -milwaukee transit, screamer -hollywood elevator turned into honey bucket - urinating in front of train -man with baseball bat -COVID Cough & harrassment -bottle return stroller criminal -rider vs rider false report -possible COVID19 rider -send police, man with a knife threatening us -dog gets hit causing operator emotions -man with sticks -fisherman sighted -driver grabbed something to eat, someone smeared fecal on seat

Freaking hilarious!

TRIMET RADIO-March 28 (2)

I keep getting interrupted which is why these videos are shorter than usual

-hanging onto bike rack, refuses to move -pooped himself BIO whole bus stinks! Bus half full of "paying" customers -possible assault -5 walkers / 2 strollers No one will accommodate 40 people heading to BTC "I got 4 kids, I don't need 30 bucks that bad" cutting #57 24hr service!! no room for ADA -intoxicated refuses to deboard -intoxicated aggressive "you broke my new phone" assaulting driver


TRIMET RADIO-March 27 (2) + 28

-refuses to deboard -mental health crisis -problem passenger -dispossessed pissing and shitting -driver dispute leads to driver being relieved -82nd max platform, theres a motorcycle on the platform(it was electric) -aggressive rider is on my bus -ada in wheelchair asleep in bus shelter, told him to leave, smells awful KTA -no cancelled -customer conduct, open beer... -spit on drivers face? (unintentional) -need medical, parkrose , sick man, BIO! -train robbery

Friday, March 27, 2020

Trimet slashes bus service

I bet no management gets laid off, hell they’ll probably get raises like last time

POOP SCOOP contacts mainstream media

TRIMET RADIO-March (2) + March 27

-an informed public is trimets loss -bag of cans bandit -driver says bullsh*t -police emergency, homeless threatening with knife, german patch :() -driving is a dog eat dog world thanks to Kelsey -social distance on a bus is only a suggestion ???? -four young drunk teenage girls at rose quarter -police blockage -bleeder wants a ride..... -intoxicated refuses to deboard -hoodlums kicked the door glass -Reurinator -morons on the tracks Sunset -driving is a dog eat dog world thanks to Kelsey -chavez & hawthorne 2wheeled dolly bandit -possible substance abuser -In my face att BTC, got off & I got he hell outta there -too afraid to leave the train... -sailing failure, check the weather report

Classic Trimet tweets

Coronavirus and TriMet’s particular horrible response to the epidemic is a goldmine of collectible Trimet tweets right now. This one is spectacular

Driving in circles

The last couple of days have been eye opening. 
I was sent home after being exposed (in close proximity)to a woman who matched the description of a recent victim of covid19 in Clackamas county.

Transit agencies gone fare free and agencies with failed management

The green dollar signs are the good management the red dollar signs are the failed management

This graphic was created by LANE JENSEN!


Thursday, March 26, 2020


Trimet bus drivers need to stand up for themselves

Detroit bus drivers collectively declared Tuesday morning that they weren’t going to work without safety precautions. Bus service was canceled throughout the city because of “the driver shortage,” as city officials put it.
The drivers’ union backed them up and their brief work stoppage, less than twenty-four hours, won all their demands. Fares will not be collected for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Pandemic claims first victim

Trimet management FINALLY wakes up eliminates fares

TRIMET RADIO-March 25+26

-fair complex intoxicated stumbler -am I spreading the Rona -scary drunk guy, spit on the floor -scary high man -Tigard tc, gas all over the back of the bus -Hollywood TC very drunk man -Civilian vehicle on tilikum bridge -max near miss, bus #35 blew red light -Beaverton tc Rona sleeper -delta park wheelchair Bio -#57 forest grove sleeper -bus driver wants to be disinfected with the bus -122nd & burnside cops with guns drawn -5th & stark mental health crisis -they are still doing fare sweeps, unbelievable -operator rescues toddler (he was by his house) -laying on floor, need police and medical -operator has heart attack-and dies (Dan Wilson) -#6 Jantzen Beach sleeper (er braclet) -max pdx, bleeding from head, crawled onboard Bio -max elmonica, requesting medical -#57 can bags, ada blockage, confrontational -#20 passenger fell out of seat -he spit on her!(he missed) -#57 BTC spitter continues -fire fire 6th & couch + sleeper -Max Elmonica saga continues(pay phone 911) screaming -passed out junkie -filthy sleeper refusal -Beaverton tc, mysterious fluid


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trimet bus calls March 25 midnight-14:39

Bus drivers protecting themselves from CORONAVIRUS

Trimet bus calls March 24 2:30pm-midnight

What a failure Trimet is under Kelsey

TRIMET RADIO- March 24 (2) + 25th

-Line 19 I have good news and bad news -Another No relief line 17 -I think I might have a Piss bus -I did a pass up on purpose! He tried to open my window. -Line 6 High as a kite -Running late out of Center. Trainer was using his bus. Who was the trainer? -Scanner star 470 Don’t miss this one! -Interlock light on dash? -He passes out in the back and smashed his food all over. He kind of looks like Little Leon -Bus driver needs to self quarantine -Line 17 He spit on the floor and hacking Flem in his throat -Line 15 hit. Street sign -fare missions in the middle of a pandemic


There is no live video feed---FAIL. Apparently we the people will not get to see what these pieces of shit are doing this time around. They could have simply broadcasted this meeting live on youtube simply by doing exactly what i do with my dispatch calls.

Obviously all of this pork needs to be put on hold, but it won't be because Trimet is run by the same kleptocracy that runs all the other levels of our government. Citizens get to suffer while the oligarchy gets to prosper

Here's what was planned:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

TRIMET RADIO-March 23 (3) + March 24

-synopsis -won't turn down the music -junk buses and equipment, the usual -"I'm trying to not get spit on" -line 75 DK and fighting -just drive, let them drink in the shelters during pandemic -rider closes all the windows and won't get off -rider upset that driver is waiting at time points -the DISPOSSESSED 😡😡😡 -pissed heself-KTA -DK-KTA -spitting at operators at pier park -creepy guy screaming -banging on the windows -puke buses -He’s immune compromised and might have Covid19 -Laying down in the back seats. Dispatch says just drive. -Line 20 Causing at me and fighting with other people -Line 4 Loud Verbal At St Johns He called me a Fucking racist Bitch and liar -Trimet transports people to convention center? -Center is short of operators -A guy harassed her for a cigarette -Men’s restroom Toilet toilet at Hillsboro. It will eventually flush. -Disgruntled customers over priority seating and exit through the rear. Road sups are enforcing at Parkrose TC. -Car opened door Door into Line 12 bus and took off. -Someone has a knife Hocho on bus. Dispatch says it’s ok -Line 88 Customer coughing and sneezing all over and not covering. Bus driver is 69 y/o.


-the dispossessed are everywhere -bus stinks -chains clanking -tree limbs -$90 HOP card into the fare box -spits at the window -fecal matter on the seats -scanner star reports bail of hay -rider spits at driver -rider passed up drama -bus driver supposed to be at home -gas smell

Scanner SUPER stars!

Monday, March 23, 2020

πŸ˜‚ too funny!

TRIMET BUS RADIO-March 22 (3) and 23rd

-junk buses
-someone ran in front of bus, bus driver needs to be relieved
-walking biohazards everywhere
-still messing with fares
-no shoes and used racial slurs
-bomber on the tittycum?
-line 24 confusion
-no reliefs
-scanner star hits a parked car!

-no relief and massive confustion -just drive fool! -standing in front of bus 5 -no mechanics on weekends why would anyone need one? -wheelchair breaks down in doorway -always junk equipment -coughing and sneezing everywhere -SANDY BLVD! -jerking off! -BLOOD!

-line 4 customer conduct, operator intimidated -DK and lost back pack -call the station agent pronto -always something with the 24 -where's the bathroom -the dispossessed are everywhere -junk equipment -aggressive passenger at BTC

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Saturday, March 21, 2020


-red knobs -warming buses -junk trains -fire! -passenger emergency -too may swat! -no brakes -cattle out -send help -smoking on the trains -weather update -intrusion alarms -trimet v trimet -skid row fountain knocked off -blocking max -trimet trash man pisses of trimet light rail -altercations -bus bridge for elevators

-build more -loud and obnoxious -dispossessed -guy acting shady -scrap the train -flasher -operator lost their phone -can't clean graffiti for some reason -tresspassers -riding on the coupler -aggressive -shopping cart criminal -fight -busted glass -pissed on seat and wall -propane tanks warming bus -bleeding but no gun -garbage can missing


Good question

TRIMET assorted radio calls-March 20

-radio testers scanner stars -thanks for the 1 oz hand sanitizer -doesn't want to ride the train back -line training in a train does not conform to distancing rules -fare inspector gets a p.a. -bus fire -man makes pile of spit -blood -junk equipment -someone has a gun -bike takes a spill -left at stop for bad behavior -broken bus shelter and rocks thrown -brutal assault at gateway -standing in front of bus -operator is nervous

Thursday, March 19, 2020

TRIMET BUS CALLS-March 19-Midnight to 8:00

-scanner stars -won't get off shakes up operator -"howling" -tons of garbage strewn -seizure -can't find bus -operator wants to "minimize exposure" -people coughing everywhere freaks operator out -operator ill- DO NOT GO IN THE GARAGE! -electric bus fail -gotta change clothes after dealing with mess -conspiracy theories -junk buses and equipment of course -bus driver did wrong route (allegedly)


-max operator opens doors on wrong side -loads of dispossessed -key breaks off in cab -white dresser gets off the train and blocks the train? -break room card key doesn't work plus there is blood -powder free non latex gloves available -junk trains -operator didn't follow instructions on her first day -multiple bio-hazards -fire at skidmore -shes got a mask cause she's a painter! -bus blocks max -lift vehicle can only hold one wheelchair -screaming and yelling -trespassers as usual -something was hanging out of the train -man attempts suicide -crazy lady at delta park -fire extinguisher drama -loud bang -lift scanner star