Friday, June 26, 2020

You gotta be kidding

Sunday, June 21, 2020


Do Heroes really work here?

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dougie town hall on racism

No more buses for Portland police

Kelsey will buy you this book!

"INTO THE WILD" bus helicoptered out

TRIMET bus scanner calls-June 19


Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Dougie Town Hall

TRIMET scanner calls-June 16

***JUNE 16***

Unaccountable Trimet technocracy marches on

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Bias crime

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Would people actually vote yes to build more light rail?

I can’t imagine it would be possible, especially in today’s economic environment. Yet the old saying “never underestimate the stupidity of the American people” comes to mind. And we see this playing out in our politics more clearly today than ever.

I watched the meeting where these career technocrats talked about carefully wording the measure to maximize its effectiveness on an ignorant public So you never know.

Obviously it helps no one but the technocrats, engineers, planners, and construction contractors. Alas These professional liars are Highly skilled at fooling the public

More on the scammers that call themselves “leaders”

Trimet open house

MAX vs Pedestrian

Friday, June 5, 2020




Monday, June 1, 2020

Trimet budget hearing part 2 with commentary

TRIMET BUS CALLS-May 30 (5) + 31

***MAY 30***
-937 Didn’t get the reroute
-937 Road sup says he never got the inbound reroute! leader in technology!
-7337 Priority What’s he saying...Car follwing a woman in the bus
-We’ve Ghotta get all the busses out of downtown
-1241 Sandy!!!! Reroute confusion!
-408 RQ TC last stop
-2040 Reroute confusion
-No downtown! Take Uber or lift!
-1234 Reroute 
-Road sup discussion about reroute!
-244 Clarifying reroute? Out of downtown!
-1270 I usually deadhead to North Terminal!
-938 We’re do I layover at?
-1534 I got the reroute late!
-2467 Reroute confusion
-904 No one crossing Ross Island? Didn’t get the reroute!
-904 4&Hall is ok!
-5776 A woman just grabbed a bunch of face masks and Biohazard
-7703 Updated rerout
-7701 Reroute confusion
-468 Fallback mode
-468 Restroom code
-407 Wait till your pull out time
-1405 Wrong side of the river
-1511 Reroute confusion
-905 Do I layover?
-7514 Customer Conduct Hes screaming on the bus. I need someone to remove him.
-2071 No service going through there! No max either! 
-670 Am I regular? Negative! Get out of that area!
-671 Hard stop do to drunk!
-Line 35 Protocal for stops! Your just rerouting
-669 Go ahead and take off! Leave the scene!
-2050 What message was that?
-669 A guy just hit a pole head on in a car! He’s fleeing the scene!
-935 What happened? You took an hour long break! You need to leave on time!
-9910 Maintenance has graffiti remover and razor blades 


**MAY 30**
-2040 12-15? When’s the curfew?
-7004 There’s a 33 operator thinks your intentionally leaving him behind.
-We’ve been dealing with quite a few reroutes
-Scanner star
-2435 Any policy of what we’re supposed to be doing? Martial Law?
-2041 Passenger crying and punching herself in the head really hard.
-1510 Max headed towards Gresham took off with her wheelchair Manual wheelchair and purse and phone
-7502 My Ada area is full and his dog Dog is so large. Bring out the dog ⁦
-Drunk and falling down.
-670 I can’t go around a semi! 670 He said he can’t get it started.
-9701 Bottle drop shuttle! Complaining about being filmed at RQ 
-9117 To blocked 6 bus
-1402 Reroute confusion
-We try and allow them to ride! Must be a dog
-7671 Can you see 7669 must be the silent alarm
-7669 everything ok? 2 covert alarms
-3307 Broken bus shelter glass! Man heaving prices of it all over. 
-1239 Man throwing stuff at busses. Tell me what he’s doing before the description.
-1270 I did kick someone’s off
-7514 Pier out on Chavez
-1235 Randomly yelling at everyone and it’s unnerving
-1403 Acting out and thrashing her wheel chair and yelling at me.
-9109 Loud verbal is off
-7512 Card reader taped up Curfew in affect? Will it effect me? 
-7002 Will service be changed?
-1271 Sandy&33rd!
-4501 Protesters on main
-Protesters on main&5th&6th
-1402 Dan Kelly
-468 Emergency Police cars revolving light request Your relief is very scared! Hold at RQ for your relief
-Mlk is a ways behind you! Turn around
-7239 customer took all the masks
-4401 Customer brandished a knife at me
-7203 Passenger in priority and unresponsive. 
-671 Reroute confusion
-903 cops blocking stops
-5472 Protesters
-402 2 people fighting in the back
-8869 medical
-1406 This is my new Scanner Star