Wednesday, November 30, 2016

RE: splitting the union

 If the union splits apart the pension fund for Trimet would strictly be in Trimet's hands and would be the directive probably of the Trimet board. 
This because the pension is a contract between Trimet  and ATU 757.
 And that would be the easiest way to fund more rail expansion.

Trimet cash machine

Most people are under the impression that Trimet is a transportation service.
 Well the truth of American public transportation, and Trimet, is that it's actually a cash machine for the segment of the public employed in it or contracted with it.And the money is HUGE! The information is from last fiscal year ending July 2016

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ATU757 blues

Always been infighting at this local for as long as I've been a member. That's democracy for ya I guess.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Trimet's Randy Stedmen makes " Jobs with Justice" Scrooge of the year

 And Stedmen  beat out the guy from Wells Fargo so you know he's REALLY REALLY bad.
This is the kind of people that Trimet's evil leader, Neil Mcfarlane, hire to deal with the employees, you know, the people doing the work.
So, good people, get out of your mind that there is any sort of "benevolent" management at The Trimet transportation system. 
The company is run by a gang of greedy technocrats that despise their employees and hold the public in contempt.
2. Randy Stedman, Trimet Director of Labor Relations: Before taking his current job at Trimet, Stedman cut his teeth as a union buster at Mt. Hood Community College. Since moving to Trimet he has run a campaign to expand "management rights" and a unilateral, top-down management culture at Trimet. He has vigorously fought ATU Local 757 on reasonable grievances, has negotiated in bad faith, and has consistently frustrated union access to the workplace.

Mulligans stew

Trimet confustion leaves riders stranded

We had a situation where a Trimet driver was attempting to inform dispatch that there is something wrong with Trimet scheduling.

 Dispatch was adamant that the bus driver was wrong.

This involved the bus 19 and the union manor loop. Dispatch insisted the bus didn't go there on Sunday  while the bus driver insisted that the schedule said it does.

Well guess what, the dispatcher was wrong.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The shit that Trimet bus drivers have to put up with

I've been fascinated by the lives of public transit drivers and riders for over a decade now. 
It's my opinion that USA public transportation operates inhumanely, for the riding public and the people that deliver the service.

This incident that I am discussing in the video below illustrates some of the brutality of American public transportation and Trimet specifically

If I had my way I would halt all expansions of Public transit across this country until they find a way to deliver the service without torturing the riding public or the people doing the work. 

The technocracy that runs Trimet (public transportation)  is responsible for these inhmane working conditions.
Unions have become impotent in stopping this brutality.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trimet ridership takes a tumble

The usual excuses for the decline. 
Trimet never accepts responsibility for anything. 
Its always some external cause for Trimet failures.

Popular Trimet supervisor Jay Frye FIRED after 22 years

 Jay was known for standing up to Trimet management and defending more than a few drivers in the course of his duties.
I don't know the particulars but it's most likely he was doing just that.
Jay had the misfortune of having a "mind" and using it in situations that require blind obedience to 'rules' or 'commands' from a superior.
Trimet runs on the military model, follow orders or else.
Hopefully he will beat the fascists(and they are fascists, that's not hyperbole) in arbitration.
Stand tall and be patient, the wheels of Justice move slowly.
Occasionally  the wheels do produce justice.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Bob Hastings Interview (Trimet career technocrat)

Move to break up ATU757

There is currently a petition circulating which will  break up   ATU757 into 2 different properties.

 One property will be for Trimet union employees  and the other property will be for the remaining ATU 757  properties.

I will update as events warrant

More stupidity

They couldn't let these people get home and told not to take the wagon in the future?