Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elliot Njus says back door tax grab bills are dead

Doug Kelsey-fired from Translink-hired by Trimet-addresses the Trimet board

44% 'somewhat approve' of Trimet

Somewhat approve? 
"Strongly approve" is only 1:4 people, not exactly a huge vote of confidence

Of course the mainstream media headlines are 72% of Portland residents approve of Trimet!
This is the typical BS we see coming out of Trimet with the mainstream media stooges reprinting whatever they are told to.

Always suspicious of these so called polls. 

It's definitely used for propaganda purposes to justify the huge salaries paid to unelected technocrats that run the transit system with zero public accountability.

This POLL is very general in nature and given the fact that the vast majority of the public is unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts issues surrounding Trimet operations the result is pretty 

What's not to like right?

It sucks less than many other transit districts in the USA I suppose.

However I bet if a poll was conducted with the following questions,

1-Do you think the Trimet board should be an elected position?
yes or no, 
 The majority would vote yes 

2-Do you think Trimet should continue expanding
yes or no

Anti light rail site


The truth about the Trimet Orange line

Portland light rail mafia looking for money everywhere they can

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trimet managers order Trimet union employees to fine Trimet union employees

Activists speak to the Trimet e-fare system

Its so sad that these people get zero coverage

American public transit is shit because its owned by a class of technocrats who run have no interest in making it work for the riders or employees 

72% of Portland Metro residents say Trimet is wonderful

You know what's interesting about this? 
If Trimet actually believed this themselves they would have a tax increase ballot measure in the works.
 Instead they are attempting a back door tax increase using their cronies at the state legislature. 

• Overall rider satisfaction remained constant at 87 percent, the same as in 2014.
• Overall approval of TriMet remained high at 72 percent
• 87 percent of non-riders said they value the benefits that TriMet provides to the region, up from 84 percent in 2014.

DHM noted that this survey included more responses from non-riders, which played a role in overall slightly lower ratings, as riders typically provide higher ratings. The results were released today at the board of directors meeting.

Read the TRIMET release HERE

ATU757 constitutional amendment

Trimet tax bills

SB 1521 Authorizes transit districts and agencies to impose excise tax on employees if tax is imposed on ... 

 SB1510 A Provides that transit district may use certain sources of funds for secondary transit supportive system. -

Monday, February 22, 2016

Trimet ridership down 2%

Max ridership is up 7% after Trimet increased max lines by 20%
WES continues to be a disaster sucking down millions while very few people use it
And the beat goes on, nobody cares 

How do we union members get out of this mess?

The two warring factions competing for control of the union are the BRUCE HANSEN faction and the so called Ron Hientzman faction 
We know that if Bruce wins re-election the Ron Heinztman faction will undermine his presidency.
 We also know that if Shirley Block wins re-election she will be undermined by the Bruce Hansen faction.
 How the hell do we get out of this mess? There is only one way.
 Henry Beasley for President and Chris Day for vice president. 
 Both gentlemen are perfectly capable of handling the jobs without the baggage of the past.
Can ATU757 members think outside the box?
For once in their lives?
Henry Beasley
Chris Day

The Department of Labor refuses to send me a copy of their report

I was pretty shocked that the representative refused to provide me with the report that is causing this new election and was actually angry that I even knew about it.

He said I have to get a FOIA request in to get a copy. 
So here we have yet another government agency affecting the lives of people with no explanation necessary as to why
(click on pics to view)

Bruce Hansen's last stand

Bruce has staked his entire future on this new election

I understood why the Department of Labor ordered a new election for vice president but I don't understand why they ordered a new election for president

Bruce filed 2 challenges to the election, HERE and HERE

I don't see how either of them warranted a new election but what do I know.

I do know one thing for sure, because of Bruce we are in this state of turmoil now. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trimet continues waging its war against the poor

I don't know of any other US transit agency that is so unfriendly to its low income riders. The cell phone app forces low income to spend a minimum of $5 and now this new e-fare system, that nobody asked for, is being forced down riders throats.

Well guess what? Trimet supports the  "cashless society" meme. Of course it does. 

This e-fare system is blatant discrimination of low income riders, and the most outrageous part is Trimet is forcing everyone onto this system and is forcing them to BUY the card. Really dispicable but its par for the course from Trimet and the un-elected  technocrats that run the place

Trimet doesn't give a damn about riders. That ended when Fred Hansen became general manager and continues at a faster pace under Mcfarlane. The only thing this transit agency cares about is the developer class. 

Elliot Njus  did a story on this. The best comments are below 

Who will do the best job representing ATU757 members

WOW! I can't even believe it! I would have never imagined this last July. 
The last time this occurred was in 2000, and if you look at the issues they are very similar. There is a power struggle at ATU757, its been going on for as long as I have been part of the
 I'm no expert on labor law and union rules but the challenges to this election are HERE.
Obviously there must have been validity to one or more of them. I have not seen the report as of today. So here we go, we will all get the pleasure of a new election
Here's my take on this.

"Nobody reads my blog"

Popularity has never been on my mind in regards to this blog. 
I write and keep this blog for me.
I couldn't care less if people read it or don't read it.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

The facts please

I'm getting a lot of heat again since I keep criticizing Bruce Hansen. I need to make this clear, I was a supporter of Bruce's right up till this new contract. That is when he lost my support, I had no issues with Bruce up till then.

We need to remember that Bruce was following the path of the previous President (Jonathan Hunt) in being hard-line against any further give backs.

Then one day, out of the blue, Bruce decides to forget everything that has happened and decides he will make a deal with Trimet. He fires Ron Heintzman and locks Jon Hunt out of the process.

There was no notice, there was no discussion, it was Bruce taking charge and doing what he wanted to do. And that is when he lost my support. I don't know why he decided to make that decision he hasn't shared the story with the rest of us. He says its "because we would lose everything in arbitration". I don't believe it for a second.

As a result of that decision  I lost 20% of my puny retirement. I had no idea when I retired that Trimet would be backdating cuts to include all the past employees.  And that is where I turned against Bruce.

Below the break is a republishing of the timelines of the last contract which ended my support for Bruce

Friday, February 19, 2016

Move a foot to bring transparency to the Trimet TDA process

 If you're an operator at tri-met and you wish to take an unpaid day off you must file  what is called a TDA!  That means ' turn down approved'

 The way the TDA process works now is that it is the soul domain  of the  "station agent ".

The station agents handout these TDA's to their favorite people as they see fit

Scott Q is attempting to change this process from being a perk that the station agents hand out to whomever they please to an organized list that allows every operator an equal chance to have a TDA

 The only question I have is why has it taking so long  to bring this up?

Scott Q  wants a public list of every  operator who has received a TDA  in the past year.

How many drivers are getting favors while other drivers get screwed.

This needs to be codified process.

Greg Johnson calls it quits

This man in the picture was actually the guy that 'trained' me at Trimet.
You know what impressed me about this man?
 His liberal use of the words "thank you".
He always said "thank you".
 I think he was trying to instill some sort of customer service consciousness. 
He's definitely one of the Trimet "good guys"!
39 years at Trimet.
That's a lifetime!

Department of Labor letter regarding the new ATU757 election

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Streetcars Are the Great Urban Gimmick of Our Time

Why does it bother me when highly paid executives get "awards"

I'll tell you why. It just ain't right. These people don't deserve any kind of awards because they don't actually serve anybody but their executive masters


The Department of Labor has reached a consent agreement with ATU757 to hold new elections for president and vice president

The new election will be between the same candidates with the Exception of Dan Martin
Further details unavailable at this time

Department of labor decision on ATU election imminent

 This is a re-post due to the Department of Labor delaying the decision
As regular readers know, the US Department of Labor will be making a decision on the CHALLENGES to the last ATU757 election.  That ruling will come at the end of this month at the latest.

Below the break is the Dept Of Labor guidelines for their investigations. The last time there was a new election ordered for our union it was Heitnzmen vs Fiest. Heinztman ended up winning that new election which was ordered by the ATU International. I put that story below the break also

ATU757 news just keeps on coming

A union member writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I think I need to clear the air on my outburst at Monday’s Charter meeting.  The context had to do with the investigation of the DOL and our elections, specifically the e-mail challenges.

In 2012 there was an Activist email sent out that was not BCC’d (blind carbon copied).  I saved the list and used it to send e-mails along with a list of e-mails that I had gathered along the way. Along the way I let a now former e-board officer know that I had it, they informed the former President and the former President confirmed to me that he knew that I had it.

Fast forward to the current elections, the current VP (campaigning with his ticket) used the Activist list to send out disparaging e-mails concerning a now former President.  In an interview with the DOL representative, they stated the current VP “admitted” that they used an e-mail list to campaign. Now the crucks of the issue is that the current VP stated that the list he used came from me and that it was free and clear to use since it was not from union resources.  During the interview with the DOL, I provided evidence and statements that destroyed the current VPs statements.

Now to current events, I received a call from an attorney representing ATU757 concerning challenging any DOL outcomes and needed information concerning interviews with the DOL and candidates.  I told them the same thing I said to the DOL (without divulging the evidentiary information), then they wanted me to sign a statement that would possibly challenge whatever the DOL ruling that would come.  I said “NO”; I would not change my story for you or anyone else.  Plus, I find it offensive that they would be using union resources to fight the DOL for using union resources. I told that person that I find it a conflict of interest that they should be calling me and trying to convince me to change my statement, when they were the ones who violated the rules and now are using union resources to fight what they did.

Lastly, an e-board officer at Monday Charter made a recommendation that the officers “accept” any ruling the DOL hands down.


ATU757 turmoil

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Millennials prefer mass transit over driving alone

Like this young man
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A 17-year-old suffered serious injuries Monday evening after being stabbed during a fight with approximately 20 people at the Hollywood Transit Station, police said.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bike Portland coverage of the money grab

Trimet technocrats sowing the seeds of discontent

Amalgamated Transit Pdx
ATU 757 Brothers & Sisters: I wanted to share with all of you various tactics used by some in management to erode cba rights & to cause infighting among members. An illustrative example is the recent "block runs" issue at TriMet.
TriMet convinced the former leader of the Union to agree to change how bus operators and other transportation employees bid their run and work assignments. The agreement
was made and signed without a vote of the membership, and diminished seniority rights which affected hours of work, work location, run assignments, etc. These changes
appeared to benefit low seniority employees at the expense of high seniority employees, providing for and causing a rift between employees; those who had seniority and wanted
to keep it, and those with low seniority who benefited from the change without membership approval.
This was a deliberate tactic used by management to pit union members against one another. Be aware of similar tactics that may be used at your property, and don't
let management turn you against your fellow workers!

Back off transit tax!

The Register-Guard

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trimet holding public hearings on bus improvments

Originally I thought this had something to do with the new taxes but I guess it actually doesn't.
As usual their 'improvement' offer nothing specific. Words like "more" and "earlier" are useless.
We need to know specifics. If they say "more" we want to know how much more? One bus an hour? One bus every 2 hours? That should be easy to specify. Earlier? How much earlier? These should be simple questions and should have answers.

Public Hearing and Open House

Dan Christensen is back!

Dan has been writing like the "Dan of the old days".
Remember Trimet confidential? I sure do. Trimet made him take that blog down and he has been pretty quiet for all the years since that incident

But now, he's back! Here's a great comment on Bike Portland

Remember when Trimet promised new more reliable schedules

Guess what? They lied, real time

The new Trimet 'tax' only taxes peoples wages and not capital gains profits

This was a comment on Bike Portland and its vitally important to understand how this tax is actually a tax on the poor. I can't believe this shit was actually proposed

Steve Fung brought out the horrible break room conditions years ago

Steve Fung on the right
He made this 6 years ago now. Steve used to clean his own bus he was so disgusted by the conditions!

The sorry state of Trimet operator breakrooms

Attached are photographs taken of TriMet meal and lunch break areas, and show how TriMet is failing to provide clean facilities for its employees.  TriMet's refusal to ensure clean and safe facilities is a disgrace and shows lack of empathy for employees.

View these photographs and ask yourself if you would like to spend your breaks and lunch time in these areas? Just imagine if it was pouring rain or cold outside and you were forced to use these facilities because no other option was available? 

The restroom and break facilities used by Neil McFarlane and Randy Stedman  don’t look like this. They don’t have to smell mold and mildew on a daily basis.  Why should their employees?

Thank you,

Shirley Block

A world run by technocrats looks like this

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Trimet attempting end run around voters

The Trimet technocrats, some of the most brilliant technocrats in the USA, have figured out the best way to find money to FEED THE MONSTER is  an end run around the voters by using their extensive crony contacts in the State legislature. Currently the legislator is controlled by DEMOCRATS . The democrats, having had exclusive power for many years have developed an efficient machine which Trimet is an integral component. It is called the LIGHT RAIL MAFIA  and its function is to keep tax dollars flowing to the crony contractors of Oregon.

Federal dollars have dried up so Trimet is looking at its own "tax base" to support its ongoing expansion. Why bother going to the voters when you can get the job done using the contacts already in place.

Elliot Njus told me he wouldn't cover THIS STORY  until it had teeth, which meant until it had a real chance of becoming law. Well here we go folks, Trimet is attempting to institute a withholding tax on every paycheck in the State of Oregon. Will it become law? They have their cronies in place to pass such a law so watch out.

You have to understand, Trimet is a "technocracy"  .Technocrats live in a parallel universe from the citizenry. They are totally unaccountable to voters. The technocrats in charge of Trimet have total control of the agency, there is nothing that any citizen group can do to influence it. They have formed powerful allies over the years, and the Trimet technocrats have made sure the multi millions flowing through there get into the pockets of the right people. It's a brilliant scam. Only with the advent of social media has the secret become public, and the Portland public is slowly waking up to the truth about "their" transit system

Below the break are some comments about this story that are useful

Monday, February 8, 2016

Dan Christensen meets Harry Sapporta

Click Here for Dan's Blog

Harry Saporta Part of the Leadership team. He is the “Executive Director of Safety and Security”
Let me start by saying this. I have no axe to grind with the management of Tri-Met. I would hate to do their jobs. I do on the other hand have a strong strong feeling for Safety and the Truth. I always want the truth no matter how that makes me or Tri-Met appear to the public. I believe saying the truth can get you a black eye, but no more black eye’s then you deserve if you are doing something wrong. It also forces you to change in good ways and earns the respect of those around you.
So one Day Harry Sapporta Comes to Powell Garage. He came to us for this most rare of rare visits bringing along the head of the Transit police and a few officers. He came to tell us about safety not talk with us. After his long opening speech touting a miraculous 25% reduction in criminal activity he made the mistake of asking if anyone of us had any questions  before he continued on. The hand full of drivers there at the Garage that afternoon, no more then 12, grumbled in dubious silence.
No one said a thing so he was about to go on when I raised my hand. To this day I kick myself that I did not start recording this on my iPhone. It was obvious he came armed to tell not to listen, He came ready for us to believe and to comply not to be challenged.  
I asked him where did the 25% reduction in Violence come from? Bus or train? He didn’t have the breakdown off hand.