Sunday, February 25, 2018

Deke’s latest

Once again, our management fails to protect us. How? They allow the media to portray us in a negative light by A) not reporting full and complete statistics; B) by releasing statements that further cast us in shadow, such as "we do not condone..." when it hasn't been proven that an operator in question actually committed an alleged offense; C) by not standing up and boldly proclaiming that it will pursue each aggressor to the full extent of the law; and D) by not insisting the state legislature protect us with strict sentencing guidelines for assailants, or permanently excluding anyone who has been proven to assault one of us.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trimet is hiring

but watch this first

This is some actual confirmation that transit districts are INTENTIONALLY under reporting crimes against transit operators. All the transit districts in the United States follow policies that are developed at the national level and implemented locally.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

OPAL tries to break through

It’s only recently that there has been any transparency whatsoever from Trimet officials. 
A political patronage board coupled with one party political rule for decades in Portland and Oregon has created one of the least accountable public agencies in Oregon.
Trimet was once a model of great people oriented public  transportation, now its a model of neoliberal public transportation. 
The "leadership" of Trimet is tone deaf to the community.
 Its the same will all of our government structures now, they serve the interests of the elites at the expense of the citizens. 
OPAL is making a valiant attempt to break through this closed crony network.
Personally, I don't think its possible, we lost "our" government long ago and I don't see anyway to get it back. 
What we can do is refuse to hand over any more of our money voluntarily. 
They'll just take it without our permission anyway, like they just did with this transportation tax which amounts to $1400 for each citizen of Oregon. 
These people will probably kill us in the end.

To many of us in the room, TriMet representatives were condescending, transactional, and disregarded the input of our communities.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Debate on the issue of Trimet bus driver assaults

Below the break you will see the debate between two activist Trimet bus operators on what constitutes an assault. One thing we know for sure, being a transit operator in a major city in the United States is dangerous work. The debaters are two gentlemen I have tremendous respect for, Henry Beasley and Dan Christiansen

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mcfarlanes true legacy

While the mainstream is busy pumping up Neal Mcfarlanes tenure as Trimet general manager "we the people" know the truth.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Either Doug Kelsey was lying or he’s grossly incompetent

The evidence is laid out HERE!

“The era of Us vs. Them needs to end. Only through teamwork and trust can we rebuild this broken relationship. Replacing the outgoing GM with his clone is not the best way to move forward. Hire someone who is innovative”

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Deke N’Blue

After what was touted as a "worldwide search," all the talking heads could come up with was one finalist. Yes, only one. You'd think such a wide call for applicants might include more than that, but all our hiring procedure could procure was one, and he already is in local management? Wow, folks. Sounds pretty flimsy on the surface. An import from Canada who thinks safety and schedule are synonymous. One who was fired from his last job without any explanation except that it might have been "political" fallout from a failed ballot initiative to provide Vancouver, British Columbia with added transit funding. Well now, is that all Portland could come up with? Surely, there are more-deserving and qualified corporate muckity-mucks available than one finalist.

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