Wednesday, February 26, 2020

TriMet board meeting public testimonies

More TriMet Bus radio

TriMet bus radio!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Ozzie don’t give a shit

Thursday, February 13, 2020

JoAnne Hardesty takes a pot shot at Trimet

Alan Kessler speaks to the Portland city Council regarding the rose bus lane project

Neal Berlin on the state of the ATU757

This current contract negotiations will forecast the direction the Rank & File will face in the future.  There have been so many ‘Take Backs’ over the last three Union contacts their not much left to give up or defend by the Union.  A big win by the Union is needed for its members: pay raises, health benefits that are secure, retirees to receive grandfather protection, SIP reform( return to CSI) this just partial list to ensure a viable Union. I fear that this in not in the stars.  The result will be overtime an eroding support by current Union members to keep paying dues: for what?  To shout ‘ Solitary solidarity!’ will echo in an empty Union hall. The  doomsday clocks for this Union is three minutes before midnight.  To take comfort by wearing T-shirts with a Union slogan will do little more than be a future rag in the bin.  The demise of TriMets Rank & File morale has been managements strategy for the past 15 year plus.  It has been accomplished in not one big swoop but a little chipping away of any sense camaraderie by isolating different facets of the workforce.  I see our current Union leadership not able to turn the tide of this slow moving disaster that awaits for all Rank File.  Truthfully, I feel it is to late set a new course, no matter who is at the helm.  There have been many, myself included, that over years that have advocated a different course of actions ( many times unfortunately the Union took NO effective actions).  I take no great satisfaction in say: “ I told you so.”. I pray for a miracle that TriMet and the Rank & File return to days that cared about each other but also  the taxpayers who foot the bill for its very existence.  There are very few true miracles, even in the Bible, let all of us pray.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

More Jeremy Christian insanity

TriMet Bus Radio-February 10+11


-Train 41 operator tells control to call off the fare inspectors -crazy trimet video propaganda -stop the train and open the window and talk to the guy -"imminent disaster" -train 1 gets lectured by control -17/12 got the sleeper -77/35 says guy is always sleeping in the shelter in his wheelchair -12/71 LOL -bus 4 PULLED from service -62/69 electric bus fail-the fixed -4/08 almost hits supervisor -57/75 sleeper in a uniform -bus driver experiences road rage -Angel is a dispatch star -19/06 rider falls out of seat says shes injured then walks off -cussing leads operator to want guy off -operator was "scared" -QUEEN BEE -smoked a cigarette and pretended to jack off 😂😂 -bus driver asks woman with baby to sit down and she gets pissed -bus 14 vs bus 12 -biohazards -doors continue torturing operators -bus 4 gets hit on the side -12/74 has rider fall out of seat while making a turn -deer grazing at merlo -scanner star refuses biohazard man -engineers make bus driver take another bridge -garbage can on tracks -operator NOT ill -sharp objects hurting scanner star -58/67 gets lost -62/68 driving with wobbly mirror-unsafe -12/68 encounters blocked freeway -44/13 hits silent alarm -how do you get to St Johns

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Operator gets coffee thrown at her

House Of Representatives bill to prohibit police enforcing fares

Pantograph disaster

Trimet Bus Radio


-Woman yelling and screaming "you ain't my daddy" -coffee spilled, trades no longer available for such things-MIL light -19 confusion -piss buses -rider was hiding -scanner star -cops remove rider -TRIMET god -won't get off -close call on bus 6 -operators gets backpack swiped -exclusion issued -drunk and belligerent -cops to line 75 -will work forever -loud mouth fell asleep

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Classic Dispatch

Classic dispatch