Monday, October 31, 2016

From the Driver Side: Are We Valued Or Not?

From the Driver Side: Are We Valued Or Not?: My fellow bus operators are truly amazing people. Of course we all work hard to take Portland safely to their destinations. We make tran...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Truth about Portland and Trimet

This is the best series of articles I've read on the Portland phenomenon and how the Portland Technocracy  has killed off what is now known at Old Portland

Portland grew by 1.5% last year. These are growth rates not seen since before 2008. Just ponder that number -- 1.5% growth -- and contrast that with housing prices and rents that are growing by double digits. Portland has spent billions -- BILLIONS -- preparing for growth. They have built rail lines all over the place, built highways throughout and run thousands of miles of pipe in anticipation of growth. Yet, they can't handle 1.5% growth without blowing up housing prices? Think of any other entity in any other realm that grows by 1.5% per year and contrast the reaction of that system with the hysteria of Portland. If this is only a 1.5% wave, it doesn't make sense. That kind of wave should roll across the sand and dissipate. Something is magnifying it.

Trimet Pork marches on

Monday, October 17, 2016

From the Driver Side: We Have to Fight for Our Safety!

From the Driver Side: We Have to Fight for Our Safety!: Assaults on operators weigh heavily upon me. Not only that they happen with increasing regularity, but also because our transit agency ...

Lane Jensen vs Trimet update

To Whom it may Concern,
My name is Lane Jensen. I was contacted by email about my videos on YouTube. As of today, October 16th, 2016, those videos have been removed from YouTube.

However, in accordance with the Fair Use Copyright Law, under the category of Parodies, I have re-created the videos, with the following changes.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Classic Tweets re: Trimet hiring events

Trimet contracted lawyer writes Lane Jensen a letter

All those in house lawyers at Trimet and they spend cash on an outside lawyer to deal with their latest issue with Lane.
 The documents are below the page break. 
If you're new to the Trimet blog underground and don't know who Lane is CLICK HERE
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Alan Morgan retires from Trimet takes 'consultant" job where Trimet bought its driving simulator

Morgan has taken a  position at L3
In another example of the so called "revolving door' between government officials and private industry I have  been informed by very reliable sources that former training department executive Alan Morgan has retired from Trimet and taken a 'consultant' job at the place that manufactured the Trimet bus driver simulator

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trimet rider needs help

I told him that all I can do is post to my blog, that Trimet is aware of these problems and just can't seem to get it together to take care of it.
When you're a tax funded unaccountable government agency you can abuse people with impunity
Hello, I know this might not be the proper format for this, but I've been looking around all morning. I'm having a serious issue with trying to buy a ticket via the Trimet phone app. It's been on-going for over two weeks now. I've contacted Trimet through the official lines and was told the problem is on my bank's end (Advantis Credit). I contact my bank and am told they are in contact with Trimet. Do you know if there's a way I can contact Trimet over the weekend? Might there be a blog or some other space where I can take my grievance? I cannot be the ONLY person going through this. This is really affecting my commute to work. I live nowhere within walking distance of a ticket machine. If I can't use the app, I have to haggle with the driver to give me a lift to the nearest MAX stop just so I can buy a ticket. Otherwise, I'm having to pay $2.50. That means in stead of $26, I'm being made to pay $28.50 for a week pass. 
Thank you in advance.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dismantle Trimet capital projects

This is my response to a commentator at the Oregonian. I sincerely believe that Trimet capital projects should be dismantled at this time. It would be the fiscally prudent thing to do right now.

Trimet's  'on the ground' service needs serious improvements and there is no talk about changing that situation.


Best comments on the "glow of the orange line" article

Here are the best comments off the "O" story:


Elliot Njus makes the case for light rail gentrification

This is another example of Oregonian pro light rail propaganda.

Take the headline for example:
Milwaukie basks in MAX Orange Line's economic glow

Tualatin residents not happy with Trimet

Trimet playing musical managers again

So glad To be graduated from Trimess and their mind games

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chris Day recovering from attack

Thank you for the kind words. Getting assaulted is difficult. Right now I am still dealing with pain and tomorrow morning I will see a specialist to get a better idea of what needs to be done to help me recover. I have some great people around me that is helping me recover. As you see I got a little bit of a shiner from the incident.
It is one thing to be aware of the assaults that are taking place around us. It becomes much more real when you become one of those numbers. This experience has pointed out many more areas that need to be viewed. When an assault takes place we need to find a uniform way to help the person assaulted so that person can focus on recovery. Lucky enough my attacker was caught.

Michael McCurry on the problem of Trimet operator assaults

"You are my Hero." Says A Transit Police Officer to me on my break at Beaverton Transit center. I stood there confused for a moment and with a dumbfounded look I ask, "What do you mean?"  With a very serious look he said, "You deal with the same public as we." "With none of the tools and training we get." He pointed to his vest full of law enforment tools.  "You have brass balls."