Thursday, December 28, 2017

Trimet December board meeting part 4

JC Venetta/Harry Sapporta/Doug Kelsey

Its official, Trimet just screwed over its long term superior bus operators

Nobody really knew for sure if the executive management would sink so low to actually implement this. 
The people running Trimet  are nothing but aristocrats and they act like aristocrats.
They could care less about their "subjects" (yes Trimet is just like an independent country)

Just more examples of how horrible things are at Trimet, they never stop thinking of ways to screw their unionized workforce.

Part of this lands on ATU757, but only a small part. Shirley, John, and Mary are no match for the army of high priced executives that comes with being the aristocracy of a government tax farm.

I put this latest abomination 75% on Trimet   25% on the union. 
Trimet is only doing this to stir up union members against the current ATU757  executive officers. 
Apparently there is still plenty of animosity between Mcfarlane and Shirley et al.
I'm quite certain that the only reason there is a contract right now is that Mcfarlane (the current emperor) is going to take his substantial winnings and ride off into the sunset like all the other general managers (presidents) and wanted some good press on his way out.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trimet horror stories

Working in the public transportation industrial complex in a major city is no easy task. It takes  a person of above average physical health and incredible mental strength to survive a career as a bus driver. 

The American neoliberal technocracy  has conspired with mainstream media to present to the public a perception that transit workers are undeserving of decent pay and benefits. "Anybody can drive a bus" is the way bus driving is depicted in American culture. The reality is actually the opposite. 
It's one of the hardest jobs in the country and  ranks as THE MOST DEPRESSING JOB in the United States of America.

 In other words, This job will kill you. LITERALLY.

One thing we will never see in any mainstream publication is that Transit Management itself plays a major role in destroying the people working in the industry.

 Here are a couple recent horror stories of people who worked in the  public transportation industrial  complex (Trimet) who's lives were  ruined as a result, literally.

When Trimet recruits people into this industrial complex they neglect to tell applicants of these horror stories. There are 1000's of stories like the 2 below. When you accept a job in public transportation you should know the horror stories.

I have my own version of a Trimet horror story but compared to stories like the two below mine is pretty mild
I did experience the brutality of the Transit management, and its bad believe me.
My Trimet career ended with me sneaking out the back door directly to HR and I never interacted with any Trimet station management again.
 But I got what I was supposed to get. 
A pension and some health care.
Who knows if it will last

Sunday, December 24, 2017

MAX disruption audio

Have a nice Holiday and if you get bored you can listen to these incidents

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trimet public relations scam

Trimet has a very long history of pulling public relations scams on "we the people".  You may remember the last scam, which was a doozy, the KIRK REEVES BRIDGE. People were really pissed bout that, Trimet didn't care, they got the attention they sought.

And today they came up with a brand new scam

Friday, December 15, 2017

Did Trimet executives just screw long time superior union drivers?

Trimet bus drivers with good work records have been able to "hold back" two weeks of their vacation time to use as floating holidays. That's been going on forever but now apparently ,due to some technicality, "the company" is not allowing it any-longer. If its true and Trimet is now prohibiting their senior operators from holding back their two weeks and this fact was not disclosed BEFORE the vote on the new contract shame on them and shame on ATU757 for letting it happen. You can't trust any of these people. All of them are unaccountable for their actions, the employees are pawns in this stupid little game.

Trimet board of puppets December meeting

Lets see what happened and who got the Trimet corporate welfare today

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chris Day

Last night dispatch sent a BDS message reminding us about pulling forward to 1st position while on layover and the open door policy. Dispatch states that it is getting cold out and customers need a warm place while waiting for the bus. If TriMet is so concerned about our customers waiting out in the cold for a bus then why not improve all the stops and shelters throughout the system instead of causing interruptions in our break time? Operators need uninterrupted breaks yet TriMet does many things to make that as difficult as possible.

Oregon State law provides uninterrupted breaks for all employees who are not exempt from the law. Because we have a working wage agreement we are exempt from this law. TriMet has managed to make it so that they only have to schedule 80% of the operators with scheduled breaks and they only have to meet breaks 50% of the time of those 80% scheduled. If they don’t meet it then they have a few sign ups to get it corrected. The reason we are exempt from the Oregon lay is because Oregon assumes that a working wage agreement would accede Oregon’s minimum requirements. We need to find a way to make sure 100% of our Brothers and Sisters receive at least the minimum break requirements and stop accepting this abuse from TriMet.