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Directly off Trimet's own website

Fascinating piece of Trimet history here

Trimet has sure evolved from its early days. Not so sure that it is much of a good thing considering how unaccountable they are. But then again they were never accountable, even in the beginning

1984 Trimet

From Fareless to fascist

Come ride Portland's friendly transportation system

Friday, September 25, 2015

Classic Trimet footage

From the first light rail opening.

Trimet gets an immediate $4.3 million cash

Due to the sock puppets recent raise in the payroll tax Trimet executives will be getting an additional $4.3m next year and more every year after that (up to $43m)  to play with as they see fit. As you know its the payroll tax that Trimet executives have the total flexibility to use as they want. Now they have stated that this money will go to  dedicated  new and expanded service.

So what should we expect if these people in control are being truthful?  

Mcfarlane trying to dig up money everywhere to keep the light rail mafia in business

So he makes a 'speech' at the city club and the Trimet media stooges attempt to create more phony news out of this by making the claim that he is 'resurrecting the debate'.

Its unbelievable how they manufacture news in the Portland area. We all know how addicted Trimet is too capital projects and this is just one more attempt to try to find more money to keep the whole mafia going. 

First they have all this orange line hype, then they raise the payroll taxes, and now they are trying to drum up even more money to keep that monster alive.

Why would anybody in Portland care about a bridge to Vancouver? Portlander's don't commute to Washington, its the Vancouverites that commute to Portland. They're the ones that should be bringing this up, not Mcfarlane. 

Mcfarlane only has one reason to keep pushing this!  

Read the Trimet stooge Tribune HERE (make sure to read the comments)
 Good post at MAX RED LINE on this topic 

MBTA union workers under attack

This last winter pretty much destroyed the MBTA and the agency has not been able to recover. The MBTA is the oldest mass transit agency in the USA and has suffered the same fate as many other transit districts have. An obsession with building new lines and leaving the old system to rot. The chickens have come home to roost in Boston now and as executives do all over the country they point the blame at the union workforce rather than the incompetent self serving executive class.

Transit workers are a very easy target because the vast majority of the public doesn't use mass transit and couldn't care less if it disappeared all together. It's not a respected job to be a union transit worker in this country and the transit executive class continues degrading the position as time goes on.

Boston is under serious 'privatization' threat right now. And when you hear those words it means only one thing. Lower wages and benefits for the people that do the work. That is the only thing privatization accomplishes. Degrading the workforce .

Americans love tearing down their fellow Americans. Especially if they are doing better than they are.

Trimet stealing ideas?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TriMet supervisors still don't have MDTs

For about two decades now, TriMet has had a bus dispatch system which continuously tracks vital information about each and every bus, including where it is, how early/late it is, who is operating it and any issues the operator has noted.  However, the field supervisors and mechanics who are responsible for overseeing buses do not have mobile data terminals (MDTs) and can not directly access it.

Light rail crime

CBS reports from Minneapolis

Light Rail Draws To A Close In Portland

Amid the usual hoopla, Tri-Met opened its latest and greatest light rail line; a $1.3 billion, 7.3-mile stretch from Portland to Milwaukie. The good news for taxpayers is that this line should be the end of it. No new light rail lines are likely to be built because the transit development agency has run out of other peoples' money; federal transportation dollars are running dry, meaning that they're unlikely to continue to pony up for multibillion-dollar rail projects in the foreseeable future.

Trimet Facebook bus driver complaint gets huge circulation

I hadn't realized this complaint had gotten such wide circulation until today. The FACEBOOK DISCUSSION is below the break

1000 shares on facebook 

Monday, September 21, 2015

$1.45 billion and they forgot the ADA announcements


Mcfarlane gets another secret raise

While perusing the Trimet checkbook I found a bunch of checks made out to our 'dear leader'. My guess is that he found yet another way to get himself a raise without needing approval. These checks amount to another $10,000 in his greedy little pocket

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Best of the Trimet checkbook bonanza

I went through the whole checkbook that is updated as of today. There are so many things that I would want more information on I couldn't even keep track.
 What you see here when you go through this information is what a BONANZA Trimet is for SOME people. 
It's truly a pork barrel for some people.
It becomes obvious that many people and organizations are taking advantage of this bonanza.
 I made notes on all the questionable expenses but there were so many of them I just decided to forget it.
 Below the break are a handful of  observations. 
 (Remember this info when they start complaining about union health care again)

Who's making money off the Trimet? The Trimet checkbook updated for FY 2015

This is the part of Trimet that nobody ever talks about. 
The money machine! 
This is the real power of Trimet and why there are  hordes of apologists!
Lots of stuff here that I would love to have a forensic accounting of.
No 'reporters' in Portland are interested in digging up this information
I've sorted the checkbook by payees, the information on the Trimet web site is basically unreadable but luckily I have some very basic computer skills to put this stuff into a format that is meaningful

When it comes to making money off Trimet Stacy&Witbeck always are the winners

How much has Trimet paid to tow its vehicles back

Figures from the latest Trimet checkbook-FY 2015

Trimet riders complaint posted to Facebook

Today I was on the 75 bus at Hollywood TC around 12:30, when the driver got off the bus to use the bathroom. While he was gone, a woman got off to have a cigarette. When the driver got back, she tried to follow him back on the bus, but he slammed the door in her face. At this point, an 11-year-old child stood up and asked him to let her in, explaining that she was his mother. The driver completely ignored him and started driving. The kid started pleading and crying, and other people shouted at the driver to stop, but he kept driving until we got to the next stop, several blocks away.

First time we've seen this on a Trimet

Friday, September 18, 2015

Trimet orange line BS-Earl Blumenauer

You MUST catch the damn orange

Trimet coming back for more cuts to union employees

This is why we elected Shirley to the office of president. Mcfarlane has been lying right along about the 'budget being sustainable". Mcfarlane is the type of leader that cuts service, raises fares, cuts employees, and sneaks himself a raise at the same time.
Trimet continues expanding ahead of its ability to pay for services and it will be on the back of the employees again!

The man should be fired and disgraced, he is no hero!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trimess at its best

Trimet riders getting screwed by Trimet-Reddit

 Lots and lots of current riders have been royally screwed by this new orange line. But as we all know their story is only told on Reddit, Blogger, and Twitter. Not gonna see a thing on any mainstream media and Trimet will never acknowledge a problem exists,

Warning! Warning! What is Stovall referring to?

Bet ya $1000 bucks he's not referring to Trimet executive internal problems!

Trimet internal propaganda

There seems to  be some dispute about the accuracy of the information that is being distributed to union employees. This information comes to me second hand and being a retiree I have no way to verify the accuracy for myself.

Portland’s Inferior Public Transportation

Sorry, nobody cares about this

Almost 2 years after being falsely prosecuted by Trimet Lane Jensen returns to speak at the Trimet board

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What the orange line has done to some Trimet users

And the press and Trimet will never even acknowledge it exists

Twitter complaint leads to bus stop closure

Mike on right

Mike Bivins sent a complaint about a bus stop to Trimet twitter desk who then acknowledged it. 
When Mike went back to that stop later it was closed.
(click on pics to expand)

Monday, September 14, 2015

the Grand Ronde connection

Trimet never really explained the Grand Ronde connection adequately from the 'official' releases about the name. Trimet seized on the "bridge of the people"  (the translation is actually "those who are not leaders") and kept hammering that over and over to the public. The Tribe wanted some recognition, which makes sense. This is the Grand Ronde release on the topic and it should have been available on all the Trimet sponsored web based material. 

Orange line gets shut down after one hour

Lane Jensen's "Trimess minute"

Special Guest: Al Margulies- What happens if you stand in the way of TriMet?
 Click here!
 What's the future of TriMet? Here's a hint: It doesn't involve the Bus! 
 Click Here!
 Bicyclists of Portland: Follow the Rules of the Road! 
 Click Here!
Operator Safety: A realistic goal for TriMet management, or Collateral damages that are "Par For the Course"?  
 Click Here!
 Taser Equality for Drivers?
 Click Here!

Or you can just listen to any of the podcasts directly at : Lane's Website!

Trimet spends $1.49 billion on a bridge and party but they screw this guy (and others like him)

This is produced with the 'echo' because Trimet totally ignored him (and everyone else like him)

"That Scott Ford Guy"

This guy appeared on the Trimet  twitter feed several months ago and is now one of the leading cheerleaders for the Trimet. To his credit he has not blocked me like most Trimet apologists. I still haven't figured out what his angle is however, why is he over the top with his pro trimet tweets?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kirk Reeves all but forgotten now

Is it me?

Trimet operator advocates program hits the skids

A consortium of private individuals had banded together in order to beef up security for bus operators on the 72 line. (Original Post Here)   

Many operators feel that the company and the union are not doing an adequate job protecting them so they took matters into their own hands.

Apparently Trimet objected to this effort and forced it to an end.

What do the native Americans get out of all this?

Unpopular Trimet manager makes the Tribune fluff piece

Orange line is all about hype and business opportunites

Should be obvious to anyone with 1/2 a brain

The bridge of the "people" but the "important" people go first

Friday, September 11, 2015

There goes our retirement bridge gets lit up

What a hokey show this is. Its true that Trimet union employees payed for all of this by giving up their retirement benefits

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trimet already screwing up peoples commutes in Milwaukie

Light rail has zero effect on congestion and it actually increases congestion in many cases, like this

Why People Don't Use Mass Transit

 This is one of the best essays I have ever read on the topic of transit use.

Catch the Orange!

With all this ridiculous Trimet hub bub going on its time to re-read Phil Stanford

This was written by Phil Stanford BEFORE Pamplin became totally co-opted by Trimet influence. Phil Stanford was fired from the Tribune.

Your tax dollars at work

They made a new bridge with pretty lights!
I can't think of a better use of our tax dollars!
All this extra stuff and they still had to take away retirees medical benefits.

Classic Tweets

Trimet propaganda campaign in full force

Most people wouldn't see this because they are not paying the kind of attention that I am.
 But on social media right now there is an avalanche of this orange line propaganda that is unparalleled.
 I've witnessed yellow/green/red/WES openings that were absurd but this just takes the cake. Why are the government officials so hot on making sure every citizen is exposed to this?
 It's BRANDING,  The citizens of greater Portland are being branded and they don't even know it. 
The Portland Light Rail Mafia is huge and is embedded into all layers of local government and they need support from the public to keep things going the way they are going!

An example of literally thousands of tweets promoting this bridge and light rail line

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I don't have any idea what's going on here

But the picture is troubling. What have they done? Elevated this dumb bridge to the status of Pagan Idol?

Am I the only Trimet union employee that gets upset when this shit appears in the maistream media?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Catch the Orange! Y'all gonna have a great time!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Erik Halstead in the "belly of the beast"

It takes guts to go on the Trimet facebook page and say bad things about Trimet now. Trimet has really caught on to the social media game and out of nowhere appeared hunderds of Trimet shills that attack the handful of critics. Stand strong Erik, lots of people stand with you!

Click to enlarge

Vancouver police do not cite C-Tran drivers

August 31, 2015 at 4:55 pm Link
C-TRAN agrees to pay $2M to the family of a boy killed in a collision with a C-TRAN bus.
A key piece of evidence in the case was a memo from the Vancouver police department which spoke of “professional courtesy” towards C-TRAN drivers; the boy’s family alleged that the police routinely declined to cite public employees for moving violations, and that the police report in the case in question (which largely exonerated the driver–the boy was struck while riding in the bike lane through an intersection, albeit in the wrong direction) was unreliable due to such courtesy. (A similar allegation was raised nearly a decade ago in Beaverton when a TriMet bus pulling into a stop on Farmington sideswiped and killed a bicyclist; the police report there also blamed the cyclist, although further review suggests he was legally traveling in the bike lane).
Anecdotal evidence–but a quarter century ago, when I was still in college (and young and handsome :P), I was riding back to Portland with a friend when her car broke down. We called for a tow (fortunately I was covered by my parents’ AAA) and rode back to Portland in the cab of the tow truck, which was booking down I-205 at about 75MPH the whole way. I asked the tow truck driver if he was worried about a ticket–no, he informed me; cops never ticket tow truck drivers; and if they did, the police would have a nice long wait next time they n

Lane Jensen's Trimess minute! (corrected)

Special Guest: Al Margulies- Ctiizens of Portland, You've been Hoodwinked!

 Hop Hop Hop! To our E-Fare System in 2017!

 Crusty Old Broads Get Their Day Too

 How soon will we need an Orange Line Bus Bridge?  
Submit your guess here!

Trimet operator advocates

Trimet bus drivers can't win

Some kind of joke?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Portland Mercury

Dear shitbag MAX operators, did you not see us that night? A busload of people, mostly women, trying to get home in the dark at Delta Park? You must have been busy listening to the radio in your cab, quite possibly hearing about the attempted abduction of a woman at a bus stop in Jantzen Beach two days before. Or maybe the bodies of murdered found everyday like trash on the sides of roads, but probably just the latest updates on Slim Jim Kardashian bullshit or PPD's falsified gang violence reports,. Screw you. We travel every night, no matter the weather, dealing with creeps looking up our skirts, sexually harassing us and pissing on the walls of your TRIMET stations just to be left to wait another half hour (if we're lucky) in the dark. Thanks for not waiting that extra 8 seconds after our bus unloaded so that we could board. Can I give my momma your dirtbag number just in case I don't come home one night? Choke on it.

Neil Mcfarlane invents the "HOP" pass

This is a Lane Jensen creation

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The hazardous myth of bus driver's 'rocking and rolling'

Massive Mobile Manslaughter Machines

Lawrence J. Hanley
Roughly one pedestrian per week is killed by a transit bus in the United States. This includes people like 22-year old Danielle Sale, who raised money for the homeless as a young child, participated in annual multiple sclerosis fundraiser walks, and never got a chance to launch her promising medical career after being crushed by a bus in Portland.