Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

Classic tweets and radio calls

Friday, January 10, 2020

Trimet police state confirmed

TriMet’s multi-million dollar spin machine wants to distract us from the militarization of our transit system.

Kelsey about to make a positive change

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

TriMet BUS Radio-January 7 (00:00-10:00)

Neal Berlin

Welcome to the effects when you have incompetent Union leadership,( that’s misnomer!). TriMets game plan has been a slow picking away at benefits for the Rank & File for past 20 years plus , that coincides with my working career with them. The final blow to any ATU 757 power to counter TriMet management was when the Union lost the right to strike. To make it worse  the Union helped get that provision in place.  This current contract that’s under negotiation might the last gasp of organization that has any relevance in the lives of those who do the real work, day in day out.  It is sad state of affairs but was totally avoidable.  I fear it’s way to late to restore what was once a Union that many had a vision and the power to achieve a better way of life for its members.  If the events of the future prove me wrong I will rejoice and admit I was to pessimistic. My black funeral suit is clean and hanging in the closet,I do hope it remains there.

TriMet BUS Radio-January 6 (14:00-18:30)

Here's how awful Trimet and the amerikkan public transportation industrial complex actually is

TriMet Radio-Bus-January 6 (06:00-14:00)

Sunday, January 5, 2020

End public transportation user fees

Take public transit. Transit in general is a tremendously regressive area in the United States. Road maintenance, mostly benefiting those who drive cars, is publicly and universally funded, while mass transit like buses and subways are largely funded by charging fares to riders. Those riders, of course, have disproportionately less wealth than the drivers on tax-funded roads. We socialize transit for richer people, and force poorer people to pay per ride.

TriMet Radio-MAX+Lift January 3+4

TriMet radio-Bus- miscellaneous Calls from January 3,4 and 5th

TriMet Radio-Bus-Jan 3 (04:30-08:30 + 16:00-18:00)