Saturday, April 28, 2018

Control-Dispatch April 27

The case of #TrimetWhileWhite

Ana del Rocío 

This latest Trimet fiasco has gripped the attention of the Portland Metro area. And there are arguments back and forth whether or not she deserves the full boot of the police state on her neck

Trimet issued  One of its “fact checks“ (those are always laughable) pretty much  dragging the defendants name through the mud. That's no surprise, that’s what they do over there. 
Trimet is nothing abut a functionary of THE STATE and fully supports the intrusion of the police into our daily lives.
 The ACLU is on the case  guaranteeing a real circus if this ever goes to trial, which I sincerely doubt it will ever do.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Control dispatch April 26

Bus driver cleans up mess created by other bus driver

This was posted in the last dispatch/Control post but I had the wrong clip. Anyway one driver was making a big deal out of a guy that was falling asleep and this driver cleaned up that drivers ridiculous mess. There are 2 types of bus drivers. Really really good drivers that care about people and really really bad ones that take every opportunity to screw with people. Too bad districts can’t figure out how to screen out the bad ones

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Trimet budget meeting-Part 1

Total bore 

Trimet management allows this to go on and on and on

These nitwits that call themselves management are allowing this problem to go for months now and they are creating all sorts of problems for riders and drivers

This is inexcusable and somebody’s head should roll. At the very least they need to give each operator a handful of passes to compensate riders that get ripped off by that farce

Dear TriMet, we're not in Wisconsin

It's Milwaukie and not Milwaukee here.  Another reason why MAX alerts should be automated.

Dispatch/Control April 21 (13:34-24:00)

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dispatch/Control-April 9- 00-6:49

Looks like drug deal (mind your own business)

Max operator wants to make sure riders make connections 👍

Wants trains to slow down

Dynamic brake

Lift bus crash

Dispatch Control April 8 + 10th.

Missing dates are on twitter feed

Rest in peace Ron Heintzman

Thanks to Ron Heintzman my father retired from Tri-Met 23 years ago with a pension and health care which also provided health care for my mother.  Prior to my mother’s passing she had cancer twice, two aneurysms and  25 years of heart disease including congestive heart failure at the end of her life. There was never any huge medical bills thanks to Ron Heintzman. My parents retired comfortably and my father lives comfortably today because of Ron. I retired at 58, have health care, live comfortably and soon at age 58 my wife will be doing so too, thanks to Ron.

Ron Heintzman fought hard for workers and their families. There are many more families with similar stories living better lives because of Ron and certainly not because of the generosity of the companies we worked for. If the companies and it’s greed driven managers had their way, they would pay us minimum wage, and laugh at the thought of providing health care or retirement, all while management gave themselves higher salaries, better benefits and retirement packages even more obscene than they already are. Ron’s foresight to see the value in health care and his continual fight with management and the companies they represented to keep health care for employees and their families was prominent.

As for the deceitful, intellectually challenged, posterior orifice Ron haters out there… he fought for you too and knew it. This one is for Ron! FUCK YOU!

Ron Heintzman passed away last night.

I am honored to have known him, proud to have called him my friend.

Bob Cummings - Retiree

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Trimet board meeting part 6


I recorded the last part which was a presentation of trimet public records. For some reason the file got corrupted and I’m not interested in watching it again.
Blue state Oregon rates an F when it comes to transparency and that includes all the agencies within the state of Oregon including Trimet.
They have until something like 2026 to attain some nebulous goals so obviously they are in no rush to attain any true transparency.
They’ve been working on it for the past 8years, as I said Oregon rates an F from independent watchdog groups for transparency so the board presentation was basically another whitewash.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

TriMet responds to TriMet alert on Twitter

I guess the wording of this alert (written by a dispatcher for bus operators) does seem like it could have been someone trying to inform TriMet, but a quick check of the account would show that it's not.