Monday, January 24, 2011

EXTEND FARE LESS TO PGE PARK , nah, end fare less square would be better

NWDA to Make Recommendation on PGE Parking Plan Tonight | Neighborhood Notes


punkrawker4783 said...

Scam Adams not think ahead on this one? in the past, Tickets bought in advance were also a day pass for the day of the event. I'm guessing thats not the idea here? Secondly, wouldn't $4 RT on the MAX beat paying for parking and hassling with it anyways? In Seattle, you can pay to take transit to games, like normal, or you can pay upwards to $30 for parking. People will use street parking after 6 when it is free (yea, its still 6pm, and Sundays are free here).

All in all, if they didnt think about before hand, their loss, but i think many people will use transit (as long as it is available), extending the Ride Free Area, which some are trying to scrap, is a dumb idea, period!

Ross Wrede said...

Somehow people can afford game tickets, beer, food, etc. but can't afford transit tickets? Another stupid idea from people who have no plan to play for what they propose.

Erik H. said...

I disagree.

Free Rail Zone needs to end yesterday! If TriMet is broke, then everyone who rides needs to chip in. None of this bias in favor of rail riders.

If there MUST be free service to PGE Park, it should be extended to those bus lines that serve PGE Park - in essence, restore FULL Fareless Square to each and every TriMet rider, regardless of the mode of transport they step on.

We all pay the SAME fare, we all pay the SAME taxes...we all deserve the SAME QUALITY OF TRANSIT!

Al M said...

Ya your right Erik, I was never a big fan of fareless to begin with.