Thursday, January 27, 2011


January 26 from al m on Vimeo.


Max said...

What drives me nuts about the MAX & Bus:

1) People who get on, and then STOP; thus creating a huge clog near the door. Most of the time there is still plenty of room between doors, or in the back of the bus - yet people get left behind because of the idiots jammed together near the front door won't let them in.

1.5) People who get on an uncrowded bus, and then stand in the aisle just behind the operator (i.e. between the front wheel wells of a low floor). I get on with a child, stroller, etc - say "excuse me" and then when they don't move, I'm forced to shove them into the wall.

2) People on the MAX who are jammed near the door and are unwilling to step off for 5 seconds, so that someone else can make it through the crowd to EXIT the train. Again, "excuse me" then shove them into a wall/other people/etc.

3) (when not crammed) people who stand under the bike hook unable to figure out why I'm staring at them with my bike in-hand.

4) People who given a full bus/train, still give their bag a seat. I've been on the bus with a stroller, a child, AND a backpack -- yet we still only take up one seat.

5) Bus riders who exit through the front door (and aren't old/disabled/riding a bike/etc) -- delaying passengers from boarding.

I think the attitude can be summed up as "well, I'm taken care of -- why I should I care about someone else?"

Al M said...

Ya Max!
It's all about "me"!
It's the Amerikan dream!