Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chris Day

It is the union member that defines a union!

            Over the years, us as members have allowed our elected officers to close the doors on us and conduct business with very little accountability. 
To be an effective union all members must be aware of and have say in the actions our union is taking in our name.

We elect officers to be our voice not to dictate to us. Any and all business that is conducted on behalf of our membership should always be visible to any member that wants to view it. Elected officers must be accountable for any and all actions they take on behalf of our members. Closing the doors to our members removes the accountability of our elected officers. Members need to see how their elected officers are voting on behalf of the membership. We have allowed our officers to close the doors and are now seeing the insecurities that closed door meetings are creating. It is now time to reopen these doors and bring back accountability to our elected officers. We are the members of this union and it is time to reclaim our power.

            It is the duty of our elected union officers to voice our members voice. Union officers need to understand the needs of our membership and do everything in their power to make that happen. We can not allow employers to back us in a corner due to the fact that we are not able to stay organized. Being organized is to know our members from our members not depending on information provided from the employer. Our union officers are the voice of our members not our employers!

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