Tuesday, February 17, 2015



On Tuesday 2/17, the County Commission will vote on a package of items by "Consent Agenda" without any public input including a $1 million dollar planning expense for something that could be another “bridge to nowhere.”

The commissioners are set to pay Metro nearly $1 million for further planning on the SW Corridor Light Rail expansion, even though voters recently rejected a county-wide vehicle registration fee (tax increase). This fee was proposed to cover maintenance for county roads. If this was such a great need, how can we justify spending a million dollars on more studies for plans that may never be built nor maintain our failing infrastructure?

Three Washington County cities have already passed requirements for voter approval of transit spending. As the Chief petitioner of a similar county-wide initiative to ensure a public vote on transit spending, I ask the commissioners to pull this item from the Consent Agenda and give it a proper hearing.

Here is the agenda:
Scroll down to "Approve Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) Between Metro and Washington County for the Southwest Corridor Plan"
Here is the Inter-Governmental Agreement (with Metro):

(Taken from document)

1. Funds to Metro. .......... the County shall pay Metro $900,000................ Payment will occur in two installments. Within thirty (30) days of execution of this IGA the County shall wire transfer the first payment of $450,000 to Metro; the second payment of $450,000 will be wire transferred to Metro on July 1, 2015"

On behalf of the many volunteers who gathered signatures, the roughly 8,000 Washington County voters who signed the 3 city petitions and all of the voters who approved the measures, I ask the Washington County Board of Commissioners to pull this action item from the scheduled consent agenda. I ask my fellow Washington County Residents to contact their commissioner and respectfully make the same request.

We additionally request that the county delay any further expenditures on transit planning until after the voters make their decision on the upcoming county initiative. Any county participation in a high capacity transit expansion deserves the same county wide vote allowed for the Vehicle Registration Fee.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Tim Esau,
Chief Petitioner

Contact your commissioners:
Andy Duyck, At-Large, Board Chair:
Dick Schouten, District 1:
Greg Malinowski, District 2:
Roy Rogers, District 3:
Bob Terry, District 4:

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