Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fascist, heartless Trimet making enemies everywhere

What do they care? They are a tax payer funded unaccountable monopoly
Autistic given $175 ticket when he didn't understand what was happening 

Autistic man has honored citizen pass but is fined on MAX | News | 


Unknown said...

What no talent ass clown Gave him this ticket?

Nonpartisantoo said...

TriMet issues honored citizen cards. If an individual has an honored citizen fare, why can't fare inspectors call dispatch to verify if an individual has a valid HC card?

It's a bunch of crap is what it is. Maybe Governor Brown can make changes to the TriMet board assignment process.

Al M said...

Instills confidence that a public agency like Trimet is unable to screen employees properly.

This kind of stupidity makes my blood boil.