Thursday, February 5, 2015

January's weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#56 Line 56 inbound detour to CBD, When leaving Wash Sq, Continue left Blum Road and Scholls, Cross Scholls Ferry Road onto Hwy 217 Northbound, Take Denny Road Exit back to Scholls Ferry Road, left Scholls Ferry Road & regular route.
["Continue left Blum Road and Scholls" should be "continue Blum, right Washington Square Road" and it doesn't say how to get from the exit back to Scholls Ferry]

#12 Line 12 Eastbound updated detour: Regular route to Sandy and 47th, right 47th, left Halsey, left 57th, right Sandy and regular route Until clear.
[the right turn from Sandy onto 47th is VERY sharp]

From 1/26 to 1/30 Sunset Transit Center Park & Ride Elevator Out of Service
[Beaverton Creek and Millikan Way aren't "nearby" Sunset TC]

#44 Line 44 detour inbound only: Regular route to Capitol and 40th, Veer left 40th right 45th, right Vermont into Capital Hwy. then regular route routing until clear.
[40th does not go to 45th, I believe this error may have led to a bus getting stuck]

#96 LINE 96 Southbound & D'heading Southbound buses: Regular route to I-5 and Haines exit, Via right Haines exit, left 68th, right Beveland, left 72nd, jog left then right at Boones Ferry to stay on 72nd, to Tualatin P & right & Regular route.
[the "jog left then right at Boones Ferry" doesn't seem to make sense, should probably just say to turn left]

#71 Line 71, Northbound detour to Clackamas Town Center, Regular route to 122nd and Halsey right Halsey left 132nd at the light left San Rafael right 122nd the regular route routing Look for your customers at the Taco Bell stop.

#35 #36 Lines 35, 36 back to regular route at McLoughlin and Railroad detour.
[should be for Line 33]

#72 UPDATE TO UPDATE: Line 72 is detoured Northbound due to auto accident at Yamhill: Regular route right to 82nd and Madison, left Madison, right 80th, right Washington, left 82nd and regular route until clear.

#72 Line 72 is detoured Northbound due to auto accident at Yamhill: Regular route right to 82nd and Yamhill, right Yamhill, left 87th, left Stark, right 82nd & regular route until clear.
[87th doesn't exist at Yamhill]

WES is running today, January 19, 2015. Due to technical issues TransitTracker is displaying incorrect information. Sorry for the confusion.

#6 Line 6 Southbound detour: Regular route to MLK and Shaver, right Skidmore, left Vancouver, left Russell, right MLK and regular route.
[how do you turn onto Skidmore if you've already gone past it to Shaver?]

#93 Line 93 to Sherwood detour: Regular route to Pac Hwy and Gaarde; right Gaarde, just past Elmers restaurant make left onto SW Gaarde, right Pac Hwy & Regular route until clr.

#38 #78 Line 38 & 78 , OK so Kerr is back open plz go to regular route as of 6:05 pm THANK YOU.
[seems like what a teenager would write]

#71 Line 71 inbound only: Regular route to 102nd and Prescott right 102nd left Sandy right Into Parkrose Transit Center then regular route routing until clear.
["inbound" is unclear on a crosstown route; also should say to turn left at I-205 to continue on Sandy]

#78 Line 78 back to regular route detour on Kerr.

#87 LINE 87 to Gateway: Regular route to Sandy & 122nd, left 122nd, right Sandy to 105th & Regular route To Rockwood: Regular route to 105th & Sandy, continue Sandy, left 122nd, right Airport Way, & Regular route.
[Line 87 doesn't normally go to Sandy and 122nd, also you can't directly turn left there but must use a ramp]

#70 Line 70 detour for 11th and Holladay Shortline: Effective 6pm 1/9 to 1/11 at 6pm. Regular route to 12th and Lloyd left Lloyd, right 11th left Multnomah left 9th left Holladay right 11th then regular route. till 01/11 All hours, All days.
[when is this effective?]

#70 Line 70 13 Ave to Milwaukie ONLY:Regular route right to Milwaukie and Bybee, continue Milwaukie to Tacoma, right Tacoma, left 13th and regular route, until further notice.
[Line 70 doesn't regularly go to Milwaukie and Bybee]

#70 Line 70 detour Effective 6pm 1/9 thru 1/11 at 6pm. Regular route to 12th and Lloyd left Lloyd right 11th left Multnmah left 9th left Holladay right 11th then regular route routing. through January 11th All hours, All days.
[does this mean all buses are to turn around there and not go any further north?]

#17 #77 Lines 17 & 77 Eastbound detour: Regular route to Weidler and 15th, right 15th, left 21st, right Weidler and regular route Until clear.
[15th doesn't go to 21st]

MAX Green and Yellow lines are disrupted due to a Streetcar blocking the tracks in Portland City Center. Green and Yellow line trains are using the Blue/Red alignment on 1st and Morrison/Yamhill. Use regular bus service to reach destinations on 5th and 6th avenues.

MAX Blue and Red lines are delayed due to an earlier mechanical train issue in Portland City Center. Expect about 20 minute delays eastbound.
[a "mechanical train issue"?]

#30 #31 #75 #152 LINES 30,31,75,152: train is blocking Harrison - use Monroe & Hwy 224 in & out of Milwaukie Transit Center until clear.

#10 Line 10 the short term detour for 136th &

#76 #78 Lines 76 & 78 INBOUND detour: Regular route right to Greenburg & Washington Sq Road , left Palmblad to Martin & regular route.
[doesn't seem to make any sense]

#38 #78 Lines 38 & 78 - construction crew has Kerr closed between Jefferson & Touchstone - line 38 use crossed out item 114th and line 78 use crossed out item 107th on your hard copy detour sheets NOW until further notice.

#4 #10 #14 #31 #32 #33 #99 The eastbound stop on SW Madison at 4th will close for construction Monday January 5, 2015 through Monday January 12. Use stop on 2nd or on Main at 6th.
[not all of those routes stop on Main at 6th, and there's no stop on 2nd]

#8 Line 8 Southbound detour: Regular route to, 15th and Broadway, left 9th, right Multnomah, then regular route routing until clear.
[how do you turn onto 9th at 15th and Broadway?]

#78 Lines 78 to Lake Oswego Transit Center regular route to Kerr and McNary, left McNary, right Monroe, right Boones Ferry, left Country Club and regular route until further notice.
[Kerr intersects with McNary in two different places and it doesn't say which one]

#17 Line 17 to Gresham Transit Center:Please service the line 71 stop Northbound on 122nd by the walgreens, during your detour.
[Line 17 doesn't go to Gresham]

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Al M said...

These exemplify the institutionalized poor customer service by an agency that whole function is supposed to be customer service.

This piss poor instructions mean that drivers get lost and riders left abandoned.

It's a institutionalized failure of the worst sort