Monday, February 2, 2015

Randy Stedmen wouldn't qualify to be Trimet bus driver

But he can be a six figure executive.  
Oh the irony.
It's  just to much to bare.


Henry Beasley said...

maybe not, but he's qualified to break unions.

Neil Mcfartlane said...

His car insurance company must be making a killing off him. On side make a bar complaint against him...

Dora Morgan said...

Its obvious that Randy doesn't respect the laws that we are expected to follow.

Ryan Beasley said...

every Trimet employee regardless of position should have a good driving record because Trimet move people and its a reflection on ALL of us.

Al M said...

Anybody who works as a union employee at Trimet is well aware of the double standards, hypocrisies , and down right lies of the management.

They make their livings as professional liars.

Stedmen has no respect for law, we knew that already.

And neither does any other executive from Mcfarlane all the way down the food chain to the assistant station managers who carry out orders like good little nazi's.

Dora Morgan said...

I hear he bought a new Caddy with his bonus.

always roaming said...

I don't understand. They all appear to be from over five years ago. TriMet only goes back ten years for serious violations and five years for less serious violations when hiring bus operators. Since they all appear to be speeding tickets, aren't they all "less serious?"

Wouldn't they'd hire him and all others like him to be bus drivers? :p