Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Texts between Driver+Joe Rose after Trimet bus driver wrote to him about problems

Joe is in red, Trimet driver is in blue

Fwd:Joe I would like to set up a time to meet with you about tri met bus safety concerns.
Fwd:What's a good day
Fwd:I guess not joe no one wants to come with me they don't trust you.
Fwd:Well, that's unfortunate. These are important issues to me. Would you be willing to meet with me? Thanks
Fwd:If these are legitimate safety issues, what does it matter if they "trust" me? Where's the sense of duty and commitment to protecting themselves and the
Fwd:public? Thanks
(1/2) Fwd:Send me your e mail. When I get a chance I will send you an out line of mine and others legitimate safety concerns. If you want to meet with me alon
(2/2) e to discuss these safety issues I would welcome that.
Fwd:Still waiting to hear from you for an e mail address concerning safety issues with the busses thanks
Fwd:Check your mail
Fwd:Did you read my e mail
Fwd:I can't find it. I looked for it. Not sure it came through.
Fwd:Is your e mail .com
Fwd:Just sent it again.
(1/2) Fwd:I Checked the address you gave me. I have it right. For what ever reason you can't find it I shared it with others when I sent it out yesterday suc
(2/2) h as Niles Jaques among them. You can read it on als blog he posted it
Fwd:OK. Thanks. I thought we were developing this together and you were worried about anonymity
Fwd:Yes. Thanks.
Fwd:Read the e mail we can discuss those issues. Issues that need to be addressed.
Fwd: I agree. Thank you
Fwd:Haven't heard a thing from you about these issues. Thought they were important to you and the public.
Fwd:They are. Very. I'm in the process of talking to TriMet about them. It takes time to report. Thanks.
Fwd:You need to get out on the buses and experience these issues. You need to talk to operators and observe. No spin
Fwd: Appreciate the note. Thanks. I do ridesalongs with drivers frequently. Thanks
Fwd:Have you been in gresham break room
Fwd:I thought you wanted to talk to me
Fwd:I do. I'm at a meeting right now. Thanks


Erik H. said...

So I'm not the only guy Joe Rose screwed over.

Al M said...


Jason McHuff said...

I note that the first thing Joe does is ask about meeting up. Overall, he does seem interested.

Also, Erik, regarding your claim here that you "do not, however, have [Rose's] phone number or [Rose's] e-mail address", that contact info is readily available on his profile pages and in their staff directory.