Monday, February 16, 2015

Trimet FIXES pubic records requests

It appears that the post below was the result of a Trimet error because now their website is working properly

So much for Trimet transparency.
The public used to be able to click on an individual request and see the details of the request.
No longer.
 I have been informed this change has something to do with my blog.

So there you go, Trimet transparency is nothing but words. Most of us knew that already

Here is the link for the Trimet public record request log:   TriMet: Public Records Request Log

Go visit the site, click on a link and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

See what happens when you poke into business that none of yours. You ruin it for everyone.

Al M said...

Huh? Either its public or its not public.

Trimet is paranoid and secretive.

End of story

Chris Day said...

I just click on it and it appears to work... I click on one of the things and it opens up showing the basic info.

Al M said...

It wasn't working when I posted started working a couple hours later.

Must have been a glitch at Trimet