Saturday, July 18, 2015

3 excellent current Trimet bus driver twitter feeds

T.M Driver has become the most prolific of the latest crop of Trimet drivers on Twitter.Actually he is the most prolific EVER. He tweets like a mad man. There has been some discussion between us Trimet critics as to the genuineness of this guy but I think he's for real. Some of my fellow tweeters think he is a plant. God knows Trimet will do anything to manipulate public opinion and they have definitely made changes to their social media procedures which most likely include 'plants' but I don't think this guy is one of them.

Captain SassyPants has a very enjoyable and thought provoking feed. I really enjoy reading his observations about Trimet and the people he drives around. 
Dan Christensen of course, the grand master himself. He's been around about as long as I have. Unlike me however, Dan is very well liked in the Trimet community. You may remember his excellent "Trimet confidential" blog. Trimet fascists made him take down the blog after he wrote that short story 'kill this bicyclist' which enraged the very organized bicycle community.

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