Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ATU757 discord continues

We have been following the latest chapters in the never ending saga of ATU757 members VS ATU757 members.

 Losers never take their losses quietly like they do in American politics. Union officials virtually always challenge election results.

The lack of solidarity at ATU757 is pretty shocking actually. While the 2 factions in power continue to feud over who should run this union less than 50% of union members even bothered to return their ballot. That's a shocking statistic.

Currently there are six challenges to the latest election. I have information on three of those.

The first  challenge is questioning the validity of the vice presidential election contending that Dan Martin was not eligible to run for office,  hence that election should be negated and a new election held. The next election  would  have only the 2 qualified candidates facing each other. Jon Hunt vs Chris Day, which should have been the two contenders first time around

The next  challenge to the general election revolves around the members who were delinquent in their  dues and were not allowed to vote. This apparently happens when members go off the payroll for one reason or another. Work comp is an example. Work comp does not deduct union dues from their payments. The language in the constitution apparently does not specify that members who were not current in their dues can not vote, rather they were not eligible for certain benefits. In other words the members who were not current on their dues should have been allowed to vote in the presidential election. Therefore the election should be done over so they will have the opportunity to vote. Not sure why this issue has never come up till now

The third challenge revolves around the issue of people who have had their benefits completely expired, who then made the dues current but didn't observe the waiting period before they could participate. There is a rule that if you have been removed from the union roles completely and then make the dues current you are supposed to wait a month before being allowed to vote.This challenge seeks to void those votes.

The challenges go to the election committee and executive board. The executive board then  makes a recommendation to the membership. If it passes by a vote of the membership who are present at all of the various meetings (only people who attend the meetings get to vote on this matter and retirees are not allowed a vote) then a new election will be held. If the members vote no on a new election  the matter can be appealed to the international. If the international says no to a new election the matter can then go to the department of labor who's decision is final.

Its just a damn shame that our members choose to continually fight amongst themselves like this. No such thing as a good loser when it comes to union politics.  While ATU757 officials should be putting all their efforts into defending members the energy is devoted to this petty internal bickering.

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megaton said...

I am so proud of Bruce Hansen decision not to go public when a investigation discovered that Mr heintz was never a member in good standing ,when he ran against him.Want to bet that minor detail will be overlooked when he gets rehired as a consultant?