Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bruce Hansen on Facebook!

I find it fascinating that Bruce completely abandoned Facebook while he was ATU757 president but now that he is trying to lead a Coup d'├ętat he has returned to Facebook.

Why was it OK for him to ignore everyone of his Facebook pals (me included)when he was the president but now its ok for him to use Facebook for his Coup d'├ętat?

Gotta love ATU757


megaton said...

Al,you too funny.Bruce your pal?

Al M said...

I know you think I 'hate' Bruce but your totally wrong.

I like Bruce now and have always liked Bruce.

I am just scared of him being ATU president is all.

Al M said...

And lets not forget, I helped put him in office three years ago.

You know that's the truth.

The way he handled that last contract turned me against him, that is the only thing he has done that I have a problem with. But that's enough to make me campaign for the other side.

I'm scared of the guy, that's no lie.