Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shirley Block at Today's board of puppets meeting

Don't let Shirley's lack of public speaking skills lead you astray as to her competence. This woman knows what she is doing and knows the insides and outsides of Trimet like no one else.

She relates one troubling story here, how Stedmen would not allow the ATU757 vice president and treasurer into a meeting. How's that for a bunch of fascists?

For all you deluded apologists out there, how can you defend a public agency that bars two union executive officers from a meeting! Make no mistake, these people are killers (figuratively of course).

I think Shirley should send Jon Hunt in to speak to that board next time!

My equipment is currently not set up so the quality of these videos is poor but its the content that matters


always roaming said...

A great leader also has to be a great communicator. I realize that I'm an outsider looking in but if she continues to be as ineffective as she was in this example, I feel you folks made a grave mistake. I know you will disagree but I predict TriMet management will be walking all over her. The Board has got to be laughing behind the scenes. From what I've seen of Jon Hunt, yes, I agree that Shirley should stay behind the scenes and should let Jon be the "face of the Local." Shirley may be intelligent and knowledgeable but her demeanor when timidly stumbling around and reading from a prepared script like that will sadly not garner the respect she desires.

Al M said...

I think the point of Shirley's speech was simply to let people know that the vice president and treasurer of the union were barred from a meeting by Trimet executives.

I personally have no fear that Shirley is up to the job.

If there are public relations events I would hope that she would let Jon handle those type of things. He comes across well on camera.

Al M said...

I think the board would just LOVE to see Jonathan Hunt speak at one of its meetings!


Roger K said...

She sounds like an idiot.