Monday, August 3, 2015

The revival of Lane Jensen

Lane Jensen at bat!
 After a year and a half hiatus Lane Jensen is back on the trail of Trimet and their shenanigans! He has re-established the on line public trimet scanner (I was called away due to family emergency) and has started a new website:

 For those of you who  have  followed this blog you may remember the mayhem that Lane Jensen created at Trimet. It was the most enjoyable blog year in history when Lane was actively involved. 

Trimet was dumbfounded by Lane. After Lane disrupted several board meetings Trimet executives conjured up a way to get rid of him using an obscure law and making phony baloney police reports.

It was one of the biggest governmental abuse of power I have seen in Portland. It all started when Lane sent Roberta Alstadt a series of text messages.

Roberta's cooperation in the conspiracy was key to getting rid of Lane Jensen
This was the text message that Lane sent to Roberta's phone several dozen times. He kept sending it because she refused to answer him, even though that's her job!

That sure looks like a threat doesn't it? Roberta said she was 'afraid' of Lane because of this message.
Because he sent it over and over Trimet distorted the cell phone harassment law and had Lane arrested.

You can read the entire story of LANE JENSEN VS TRIMET HERE:


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Al M said...

Lanes site and the scanner are down for the moment (again)