Tuesday, September 27, 2016

From the Driver Side: I've Hit the (Figurative) Wall

From the Driver Side: I've Hit the (Figurative) Wall: The path ahead is foggy, unknown, but passable. It's been six months since my last vacation. Luckily, my wife and I were able to es...


bsn2ndsflat said...

Take it easy and enjoy your weekends and vacations to the fullest

Deke N Blue said...

Thanks for the advice, and rest assured, I truly DO enjoy my time off. So much, in fact, I don't even consider working my days off unless one falls on a holiday.

What I'm saying here is that once a job becomes a chore, when you dread going to work, it's likely a change is in order. It takes a special breed of person to continue doing this. I am awed by the professionalism I see in my fellow brothers and sisters every day. We don't enjoy mass public support, and our management certainly treats us as if we're merely a "bother" instead of a vital part of the local economy. It's hard to do, but we still manage to provide exemplary service.

Al, thanks for your constant and continued support. You've been with me since the beginning, and I'm humbled.