Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trimet sock puppets hand Trimet technocrats $110,000,000 spending money

I had been wondering where the un-elected/unaccountable technocrats that own the Portland transit got the money for that fancy fare system that nobody actually needs.
Well they got it from the board of sock puppets!
 Need $110m we can get it, no voters necessary!
These technocrats have decided to borrow against future payroll taxes.
 Why wait for the money when you can get it now at interest and force the tax payers to repay it!

And the technocrats made all the decisions regarding how that $110,000,000 will be spent, zero public input was allowed. 
"Transit related projects" which means whatever the technocrats decide to spend it on including at new transit police location aka: feed  the capital projects monster.

And so it goes, government taking our money and doing whatever they want with it.
 Citizens have no input into any of this.

If you read the full text of the resolution you will see that if "5% or more of voters disapprove it has to be put for a vote of the citizens".
So no wonder Trimet doesn't advertise any of these meetings.

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