Monday, July 31, 2017

Henry Beasley

We need to take the time to recognize some unsung heroes in public transit.

In the first case (7/29), we need to thank those transit riders who still “respect the ride.”  They make what we do an appreciated occupation, and brighten our days.  You make up for the 10-15% who choose to assault and menace us by showing that you care about transit workers.  In this case you stood up for a Rail operator when an assailant menaced and blocked to cab door.  If it wasn’t for them our co-worker could have gotten assaulted or worse, and thanks to you they were able to close the cab door.  We all know that minutes matter and with their actions, they prevented the worst-case scenario until help could arrive and arrest them.

In the second case (7/30), we had yet another menacing incident. In this case the assailant threatened to kill the bus operator (along with other expletives), while stalking them while they were on break.  When they began to start their run, the assailant snuck up and resumed threatening to kill the operator; they were fearing for their lives.  The operator did what they were supposed to do but there was no relief from the assailant’s torture, minutes matter and when no help is coming, those minutes can seem like an eternity.  Thankfully, a co-worker was there to help the operator in destress, to us they were a hero (and should be recognized as such). To our co-worker “thank you,” what you did perhaps saved a life when those minutes matter.

Unfortunately, here we go again number #48 and #49 and the summer is not even over yet.

Be vigilant be safe and always communicate.

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