Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trimet horror stories

Working in the public transportation industrial complex in a major city is no easy task. It takes  a person of above average physical health and incredible mental strength to survive a career as a bus driver. 

The American neoliberal technocracy  has conspired with mainstream media to present to the public a perception that transit workers are undeserving of decent pay and benefits. "Anybody can drive a bus" is the way bus driving is depicted in American culture. The reality is actually the opposite. 
It's one of the hardest jobs in the country and  ranks as THE MOST DEPRESSING JOB in the United States of America.

 In other words, This job will kill you. LITERALLY.

One thing we will never see in any mainstream publication is that Transit Management itself plays a major role in destroying the people working in the industry.

 Here are a couple recent horror stories of people who worked in the  public transportation industrial  complex (Trimet) who's lives were  ruined as a result, literally.

When Trimet recruits people into this industrial complex they neglect to tell applicants of these horror stories. There are 1000's of stories like the 2 below. When you accept a job in public transportation you should know the horror stories.

I have my own version of a Trimet horror story but compared to stories like the two below mine is pretty mild
I did experience the brutality of the Transit management, and its bad believe me.
My Trimet career ended with me sneaking out the back door directly to HR and I never interacted with any Trimet station management again.
 But I got what I was supposed to get. 
A pension and some health care.
Who knows if it will last

 Yesterday i got a Happy Holiday card from Tri-Met's management team. As I read the names of the team, that  I had an incredibly awful visceral reaction that I couldn't seem to control. I took the card to the bathroom, dropped it in the bath tub and proceeded to urinate on it. I was shocked at my behavior as I stood there. but there was one thing I had to acknowledge: these people had introduced something into my life I had never experienced before in my life.....hate. I had never experienced it until these management rats, and I hated them for bringing it to my heart.
  For  years I worked at a job that gave me great joy and love. I always felt that no matter what else was going on in my life I could always look forward to going to work. My passengers were the joy of my life. 

(I was injured on the job and off for months.)

   Anyway, when I returned to work, management proceeded to treat me like garbage. 
 In the middle of an attack of pneumonia my doctor and one of the other drivers convinced me too leave the job. I couldn't take any more.

   So they send me a Christmas card to remind me of them, "Good will," I suppose. my reaction was to piss on it. I had a couple of lawyers who would have represented me, gladly, for a harassment lawsuit since, apparently, Tri-Met is known for that kind of behavior toward staff. But I have watched Tri-Met  The last few years. Even when they lose cases they make it impossible to collect with motion after motion when they lose. I know one man whose property Tri-Met seriously damaged when they built the Milwaukie part of the Milwaukie branch of the Max system. They lost the case three years ago. He has yet to see a penny. They challenge with motion after motion to avoid paying the damage they have done to this man. The damage to his property is serious.

   The company has spent the last few years breaking the back of  the union and backed them into a contract in which new hires no longer get retirement benefits. These are disgusting people! 

it's a good thing I came to the company when I did. In those years management treated us like family; they were wonderful to the workers and there was great pride in wearing that uniform. Now they treat employees like ants under a magnifying glass, butterflies to have their wings plucked. They are disgusting people. 
   And you send me a Christmas card.


I got injured in 2016 I have been with Zero Pay for 1 Year! 

I'm single! My car's have been Repod
I'm getting kicked out of my house
I'm on foodstamps
Everything I owned is Gone!! 

That's what working for trimet did for me!

I have a herniated disk pushing on my spine. I can't drive, Trimet fired me! And turned down my ADA because of timeloss! But.. They hired three people! With timeloss who had an ADA??? Hummm

Needless to say! I Hate Trimet!!


Joe said...

Trimet has the gall to have a store as if I want to be caught wearing Trimet swag and look like I endorse this kind of Satan worshipping misconduct towards employees?

Good gawd.

We should all gather up all the Trimet swag and burn it next to the Tillicum Bridge, wearing $66 Sound Transit caps. Because how can ANYBODY be a fan of a transit agency that pees on its worker bees.

Al M said...

Lol! Joe! I like your idea!

Huskies1 said...

Trump is making America great again so there is nothing to worry about! Working conditions for union workers will be greatly improving soon.

Al M said...

Won’t be long before union dues will be voluntary. I estimate 1/2 the employees would opt out. Bye bye union when that happens