Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 11 (12:00-23:59)

She kicked the back door

Layover is blocked

“I’ve got passengers getting sick on the smell now”

Where’s the homeless shelter

Unsafe brakes

Public transportation is the last refuge of the dispossessed

Wheelchair stuck on the bus

Green line driver not happy he’s late

Bus driver wants dispatch to use the god announcement

Bus driver takes suitcase from under the train

Unidentified package max

No defrosters

Bus hit parked car

Deters accident report-probably p.a.

She said she got assaulted with a hammer-max

“There’s no chance their getting under the train”

Bus hit pedestrian

Missed the turn

Mini runner on probation suffering from bad toothache

Junk head sign

No relief. ‘I have a doctors appointment’. Another run canceled

Junk bus

“I left a sign on the door and left the area” travails

Man on max needs medical

Newbie has sleeper

Skateboarding on the max tracks

How to pronounce street names

The Australian

Junk bus

Sounds like Checkov

A police officer just impeded me, this is harassment and I’m going to put up with this anymore(very bad idea to complain about police). Uh oh, this is bad

Newbie doesn’t know what the work line is

Thomas doesn’t have defrosters

Newbie junk bus

Lift bus driver scared to go through

Deters always entertaining

Accident report- n.p.a

Bus riders bag stolen

It’s dan Kelley

Department of corrections paperwork

3 people with large box on a Dollie-denied

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