Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 21 (13:34-24:00)

Uncouple the max

Light rail fails

I just had a collision with a car

Accident report. N.P.A (maybe)

I’m not 100% sure I’m ok to drive

DK max platform

Acting erratic in the back

He’s acting defiant and sitting on the floor in the middle of the bus

Bus driver thinks she has wanted man

Covert alarm

I had a nice passenger help me get him off the bus

See page 1-bus bridge mayhem

Homeless camp

Bus riders threatening bus riders

The bike rack has been struck

4 teenage girls using foul language

Unanswered emergency call

Person blocking intersection and max

Max hard stop

Mr 🌽 Cobb finds a broken window

Bus stutters

Pedestrian won’t get out of the way of the bus

Bus stuck behind truck that lost tire

He’s interrogating younger age girls

Junk bike rack

💉💉💉💉💉. Not a priority

Always trespassing

What can we do about an individual who reeks of mold

I asked her to move her cart .....sip

You’re not in trouble, uh oh

Max mayhem

Junk max radio

Junk printer

Bus 57 cancelled for max

Refused medical

Break the seal-max

Dangerous brakes

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