Monday, April 16, 2018

Dispatch/Control April 16 (00:00-12:00)

Max has no headlights

My stomach feels funny

I just passed somebody up

Junk woojin

The bus was rolling backward with the brake applied

The GO AHEAD girl
She sent operator ill message
Now the turn is to tight

Hitting a cone is an accident? That’s ridiculous

Junk printer

Repeated ramp request,max

More sleepers-not sure why drivers get all hissy about this if their just sleeping and not making trouble

Huh? Flagger I’m hiding ?

I’m getting an overbearing urine smell

Daily caller

Bus driver under torture

Trouble man riding buses

I’ve got a gentleman who will not wake up

Junk back doors-torture

Trouble maker was sleeping in transit center

Triple split-torture

Always trespassing

Priority-full load 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Junk train

Missed another turn-Bynum threatens write up, he’s the only one that says that

Speed trap catches drivers-write ups
Jesse getting written up

Stranded bus rider wants taxi after riding around

Junk radio

I got this wretched system working

Cancelling runs

Dispatch hustling to fill runs like crazy


She started laughing at me like I was crazy

Bus mirror clipped a truck. P.a. Unfortunately

HOP fail

Train 3 is dead
Dead again
Still dead
It’s moving

Junk bus

Welfare check

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