Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Trimet tries fear

A Transit officer that demands fare production is enforcing Trimet POLICY. Trimet policy is not law. Period.

Walking away when a TriMet fare inspector asks to see your fare may technically be an option, but it comes with serious risk. When an inspector checks your fare, you aren’t being detained in any legal sense — but if you walk away, a nearby law enforcement officer could see your flight as reasonable suspicion to stop, cite or even arrest you.
Simply put, it’s not worth it.

I call bullshit. The right of avoidance, the right of retreat, the right to remove from a consensual conversation, I don’t recall those being ended. Trimet is flat out telling you that you should be afraid if you choose to exercise your right to avoid self-incrimination in the form of leaving the scene. That’s bullshit

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