Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The interfaces between different transit agencies


Erik H. said...

I didn't know Hood River had a bus into Portland, but its route seems rather wasteful:

From Hood River, the bus travels to Gateway TC, then the Portland Art Museum (???), then OHSU, then Clackamas Town Center???

Why backtrack to Clackamas Town Center when riders who really want to get there can simply ride MAX from Gateway?

Jason McHuff said...

I don't know??? Why don't you ask them? Maybe the riders are ones that have trouble transferring, and maybe the driver can help them if they go to the mall, too.

Or maybe the route was implemented before the Green Line opened, when going to Clackamas from Gateway meant taking MAX to 82nd and a slog on the 72?

As for stopping next to the Art Museum, they probably just found that stop to be convenient for them.

Erik H. said...

Geeze Jason, why don't you lay off the attitude? I asked a simple question and don't need your bullshit response.

I have a day job and really don't care all that much. That's why I don't ask them. And I'd never use the system. I go to Hood River...oh...maybe once a year. (Which will be coming up, to ride the Mount Hood Railroad, so you can make your snide little childish remarks about how I hate trains.)

So what if the line existed before the Green Line - the YCTA sure adapted its bus lines, with their 99W route formerly ending at Sherwood and now it runs all the way into Tigard. Cherriots now runs buses to Grand Ronde and Wilsonville which they didn't before; SMART now runs buses to the State Capitol and the Barbur TC which it didn't before. It's an amazing feature of a bus - you can change the route!!!!

Is it too much to ask a question (not even directed at you) without you being a jerk? It's no wonder why it's been said that if I say the Earth is round, you'll inevitably say it's flat...if the sky is blue, you'll claim it's red, and if I call a train a train, you'll probably call it a boat or an airplane or something else.

Jason McHuff said...

I was just trying to answer your questions by offering possible explanations that I can think of.

But if you have issues with the way you think I treat you, quit posting stuff that's false (example: claiming PBOT won't approve a project unless a Streetcar or Light Rail line goes down the road), and post in a calm manner (e.g. don't use multiple punctuation marks and offer any criticism in a nice and constructive way), and I'd be very willing to discuss it.

And it really doesn't take that long to send a simple e-mail asking the question. I can understand that you don't find the route useful.

Overall, given that it's a once-a-week run, that the bus is going to be in Portland anyways (so that the riders have time to accomplish their errands), and that it's not funded by an organization you use, it's not a big issue. Is it odd that it goes to Clackamas? Maybe, but many things in the transit world are. Not every agency can afford the best, professional service planners.

As for trains, if you like them, that's fine. But if that's true, why do you keep posting comments complaining about them?

Oh, and seeing that you found the map useful (showing services like the Hood River one that people might not know about was one of the points), will you thank me for making it?