Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Safety is a value (equipment excluded)

The lift got stuck today, I had to get out of the bus and push it in while a passenger pushed the power button. I strained my back.


punkrawker4783 said...

Theres a check box there for "Faulty Equipment". I suggest you use a sharpie to mark and circle it.

Al M said...

I believe I did old buddy!
BTW-now that I look closely at the bird that you use for your icon, I do see the resemblance!

Erik H. said...

Just think, if this happened on WES you'd have an on-board Supervisor, a Director and two Managers who would probably walk to you, and six maintenance techs that'd show up in no time along with three GP39-2 locomotives and a P&W crew ready to tow you back home if needed.

But, you're on a bus. Let me guess - did Dispatch not answer the radio forcing you to use your personal cell phone (that you're not supposed to have) to call them and wake them up from their deep sleep? (I've seen that happen on the bus.)

Al M said...

Haha-No Erik, they called me back and replaced the bus..

Max said...

... and then after your crew of 10 showed up, Erik would complain about how wasteful TriMet is.