Friday, December 23, 2011

Last time I looked I didn't go on 'Hildago'

 #44 #52 #67 #78 Buses will not serve the PCC Sylvania Main Campus through Tuesday, December 27. Board buses on SW 49th at Hildalgo.


Ross Wrede said...

Neither does the 52 line.

BTW, I picked up a kid on Springville Rd. tonight while I was heading to Albertson's to turn around the 67. He was waiting at a 52 stop that won't have service until Wednesday when PCC reopens. I got a feeling that the great communications department fails to inform the public that the 52 shortlines at 185th and West Union on days the PCC Rock Creek campus is closed.

Erik H. said...

Of course not. When MAX craps out, TriMet sends out employees in vests, has a huge P.R. campaign, issues press releases to all major media outlets...

When a bus has to detour, the ONLY place you'll find it is buried on TriMet's website. It's not even sent out as a Tweet or a Facebook post (but they'll gladly tell you the status of the new MAX bridge, or how great TriMet is compared to City of Great Falls, MT transit, or that Mary Fetsch is a wonderful gal - gee, talk about some serious asskissing!) I had a bus stop in front of my work - in the smack center of DOWNTOWN PORTLAND - it took me three complaints before TriMet finally issued a rider alert. (Of course it told riders they had to walk six blocks away to catch the bus, rather than have the bus stop short just one block to accomodate the unnecessary work that didn't even directly affect the bus stop, but that the City of Portland just allowed construction crews to park blocking the bus stop...TriMet should have yelled and screamed, but instead bent over to Mayor Sam's Transportation Bureau (pun intended).