Friday, December 23, 2011

New fare box busted? Don't call us!

They have installed "refurbished" but the supervisors cannot fix them so don't call in, write a work card.  Unbelievable!


Erik H. said...


MAX gets the new stuff. Like lots of new TVMs (that just don't accept cash).

Bus gets the crappy hand-me-downs.

Anonymous said...

Why, of course, Erik!
Could we ever expect anything different?

some body said...

I happen to be interested in this subject so I have some knowledge. They are supposed to be "as new" and were much much cheaper than completely new ones.


BTW, that file is missing from their Web page of old resolutions:

Anonymous said...

Here is why the bus farebox really doesn't matter... I think they're close to #1 on the list, they appearently call themselves "Portland Metro Area (TriMet)"

some body said...

my apologies, but why hasn't my comment shown up?

A said...

@'some body': the comments get moderated because there has been a lot of spam recently. They'll show up if you're patient. Yours is there now