Friday, December 30, 2011

Nope-It was no rumor

 Yet another bus driver with superior intelligence. Good job HR!

TriMet bus driver suspected of shoplifting | Portland


Ross Wrede said...

One would think that at $100K+ per year, our TriMet Spokesperson could adequately explain to the media what was going on. If a operator is on a break, that operator is still on the clock. Now if the alleged crime was committed before or after the operator's shift, of course that person would NOT be on the clock. So what happened?

This story makes it sound like the operator stopped the bus at the mall, ripped off a store, got arrested before she was to able to return to the bus and continue on her route.

I got a feeling that this may be another Jim Stenger type of incident where a off duty operator is in uniform when some bad behavior takes place.

Anonymous said...

The way the kgw article was written was wholly confusing.