Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Mike Rigsby
Driver stopped before the stop due to traffic. Then bitched at passenger for not walking up to him from actual stop.
To which our lovely pencil neck geeks sitting behind desks pretending they are important responded:
TriMet's reply: "Please report the operator of 5468 to Customer Service. Our operators are not supposed to encourage passengers to enter traffic.
Enter traffic? WTF? I think I know what the complainer was talking about, where the bus stops a few car lengths before the stop (like at a traffic light) because there are cars in the way waiting at the light, & so the driver waves the passengers forward to board so they don't have to stop twice. Which I think makes sense if the passengers are able to walk to the bus (I could see that not working if there's someone in a wheelchair, for example). But how did that get spun into the driver asking people to enter traffic?!

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Erik H. said...

Unfortunately I have seen a (small) number of Operators that have made some very questionable stops well away from the curb. And I've seen some instances (cough, 4th and Hall, cough) where Operators are forced due to piss-poor bus stop design to make a stop "in traffic" that would otherwise be avoidable if not for the design of the stop.

That said...the majority of Operators are very blatant about refusing an unsafe stop or will advise the rider that they can't open the doors but will indicate where they will do so. And most riders will walk up to the bus if it "stops short" due to traffic.

Part of the problem with this is a change in TriMet's own S.O.P. regarding Transit Mall stops. Where riders used to be accustomed to walking to the bus if it stopped short, now a number of Operators will not open the door for boarding riders until they reach the actual stop location. it's getting ingrained that if the bus is not AT the stop, it isn't to board riders.

Again - who gets the blame? THE OPERATOR! Who's at fault for bus stop designs? Who's at fault for writing TriMet's policies? NOT THE OPERATOR!