Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trimet Ministry of Propaganda never never misses an opportunity to push the WES

6-year-old WES commuter gets a holiday surprise « How We Roll – A Blog for TriMet Fans

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Erik H. said...

if a bus driver did that they would probably be fired for giving away TriMet property without authorization.

Must be nice to be a WES employee...36 minutes of "break" for every 90 minutes of shift time (only 54 actual working minutes on route).

Must be nice to have as many supervisors as there are trains operating, to have a Director and two managers for a transit service that has just three in-service vehicles...and to have literally one maintenance person per vehicle and a spare fleet size that is 50% that of the in-service fleet. But you got to get something for $17 cost per boarding ride!