Thursday, December 22, 2011

Watch out!

The signal timing at Hillsboro Transit Center (HTC) has raised concerns about potential conflicts between TriMet buses exiting the HTC and westbound MAX trains approaching the platform.
The traffic light at the exit point of Hillsboro TC may be staying green longer than optimal when a MAX train is approaching from the east. Signal technicians will be assessing this issue.
To remedy this safety issue in the interim, the following is advised:
·         Do not attempt to exit the Transit Center any time an approaching westbound train is within 300 feet of the Transit Center driveway.
·         Operators preparing to exit Hillsboro Transit Center must scan as they approach the exit to determine if a train is westbound train is approaching (i.e. approaching from your left side).
·         If a westbound train is approaching and is within 300 feet (approximately one city block) of the Transit Center driveway, operators must remain stopped and not attempt to exit the Transit Center. This action must be taken even if your traffic signal is green.
·         You may proceed on a green light after the train has passed and the area is clear.
This safety stop only affects routes serving the Hillsboro TC (Routes 46, 47, 48, & 57). This extra precaution is needed to minimize the potential for contact between trains and buses at this crossing.
If you have any questions about this safety stop requirement, please contact your manager.

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