Monday, June 24, 2013


And take a peek at what is included in their job description:
(it turns out this isn't even a 'transit bus driver' position, but 
I still like the philosophy) 

A philosophy of “what matters to you, matters to us” at work in our environment

Holy cow, never see anything like this at Trimet!


h. h. said...

Wait a sec, a food service company is responsible for operating the buses in Kansas city?

I'm thinking this is application is not for a bus driver, is it?

But for sure, a public transit agency would NEVER have such a slogan ...anywhere!

Al M said...

It was the slogan that got me, who knows what Kansas City is like.
I'm sure pay and benefits are worse than Trimet's, so far anyway.

h. h. said...

I understand. I worked for a public transit agency and although not as bad as Trimet, it too was not particularly a pleasant place to work.

In the private sector, however, it is prudent for an employer to take such an attitude and treat their employees right as the bottom line is to make a profit. To make employees part of the decision making process by respecting their input and contribution helps to promote the end goal of making that profit. In the public sector, you're just a number as there is no real accountability anywhere in the organization. Management usually claims they're accountable to the public but that inevitably turns out to be pure bull shit.

Jason McHuff said...

It could be just talk

Al M said...

If its in the job description some management official approved it therefore it's obviously not just 'talk'.

As H.H noted its in the best interest of the private employer to treat their help well if they want to make money it requires a happy staff.

Jason McHuff said...

I know it's official, but the question is to what extent is it actually true within the company. Employers make lots of claims, but it doesn't mean they all match the reality of working there.

And I agree with H H, but as I think you know, many employers take the low road knowing their employees will still work hard and they can still make money.

Al M said...

WalMart comes to mind