Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Trimet: a day without a major service disruption is like a day without sunshine.
It's one of those days where you don't until you are in the middle of the tracks!

So installed more cameras at the parkrose tc... Like that's gunna stop anything

I promise you, God, if you keep me from dying on this Greyhound bus, I won't complain about as much.

You stupid bitch. I swear to god, if it wasn't Half Christmas I would go off on a ho

A 62 bus scheduled for 5:58 at Sunset TC either left >4 minutes early or never showed to start with

New decals on newer buses? LoL

Hold up. You mean to tell me that trimet buses come in 'new bus smell?' I thought they came pre washed in dirt sweat.

Tf I'm pissed trimet is fucking stupid giving out tickets because you don't have id, bitch its called summer break hoe.

Just saw a bus driver jump out and rescue someone whose wheelchair got stuck on the tracks just before the MAX came.

I'm pretty sure this driver is clinically insane. She is scolding/praising people over the loud speaker at every stop.

Bomb sniffing dog training on

I got left on this max, 100% alone, & now creepy people come, one by one? hail to the no. Thanks trimet for just abandoning me I h8 u

Yo , what is up with street car drivers honking at cars pulling into parking garage on SW 10th Ave? Are they stupid?

89.1 makes my 1hr and 13 min commute via trimet feel classy

for a fucking Trimet ticket. Pshh. $90 just for not having my school ID on me. Bleh.

Its never for trimet I rather stay in the house than get on trimet to get to my destination

What a nice cross section!! RT : Zoom in there, take a look around, this is the

Well another ride screwed

It's not for people with machetes on trimet

driver on the 52 heading to rock creek tried to strike me because of the way I was holding my transfer. What gives him that right?

After how many years these OREGONIANS still can't figure out the bus/LRT lane downtown...

Just watched a bomb sniffing dog in training...using live unsuspecting passengers. I appreciate the effort but not the non-consent!

All of the TriMet busses seem to have have pink florescent lights. I can only assume it's to pacify the passengers. (Need more than that.)

Spending my only day off going to court over trimet ticket from when I first moved back to Oregon. How was I to know there was no longer FSq

I hate relying on trimet for their schedules. They're always late!!!! 😡

Think my bus driver is having a senior moment, No one requested a stop, nor was anyone at the stop&he still stopped for like 10 mins

That terrible moment when the bus driver doesn't even slow down yet alone glance at your bus stop. Should start wearing fluorescent.

Trimet is a fucking joke

You'd think the 58 could wait until its on-time time (0740} so MAX could meet with it at Goose Hollow (0739}. Too much to ask.

Walked to Willow Crik // From 2-0-6 and Cornell // Wife rescued poor me. ()

Shout out to the special needs woman on the train this morning who was really into her song, and let everyone know.

Classic err // Let 52 go; catch next one // Ha! Ha! Ha! Ghost bus!!!

I don't want to go to work today. I'd rather follow the Russian dude on the 9 who occasionally talks into his hand to the KGB.

"The stench extends life. "The stench expands consciousness. "The stench is vital to bus travel.

The stench is life. The stench must flow. Who controls the stench controls the universe. Fear not the stench Fear is the mindkiller

ppl on trimet always asking me to use my phone smh you better get a net 10 or track phone buddy

And that's the first time in 4 years that Trimet cops have actually checked if I had a ticket. Of course by the stadium.

Big fare sting at sunset tc tonight. Was checked once downtown and then three more times at sunset alone

dare you to request Video line 19 bus 2283 NOW and prove is being stalked tortured. and targeted on

Why are you having a yelling conversation with the person right next to you???

Doesn't MAX trigger red lights at intersections when they go thru? 6:30 pm 1st and NW Couch. green lights as train went thru

Saw a guy get a ticket for no fare on the Max because he lost his ticket. When is electronic ticketing going to be a reality?

Why didn't you pay your fare? "I'm from New York" they dont charge.fare there? "uhhh yes they do" face palm

what's the westbound delay???

WES must get more train cars! Down to one car and extra 30 people standing over 100 in todays's single car? not safe

Standing on the MAX while reading on my phone & drinking coffee w/o falling over. I officially have my legs.

Holy shit bunch of hipster girls on this trimet with longboards and skateboards. Play me in skate you posers

made me say "TOISP" out loud on trimet.

RT : Fare inspector on 20 line, on Burnside

Is there something about the yellow line MAX that makes it no show up as scheduled, like, a lot? # ghosttrain 

": Another call with and . NW 6th / Flanders. Trains blocked for 1/2 hr more "

Hobo on the #20 offering women free mustache rides.

Nooooo don't sit by meeeee


thank you , I reported , in how many days I can get the response about the items ?

Very animated conversation going on between a lady and . . . well, herself. No Bluetooth, no phone, She's winning the discussion.

Yes, I'm on the Line 76. I hate these old buses. I feel like I'm in a sauna on this dam thing

Standing with a guy and TriMet cops on the platform. Train came, we all got on together, and the guy immediately got ticketed. No brains.

Til WHEN? RT : Starting 6/28 no service to stops along SE Cesar Chav between Powell & Main due to construction 

Saw that guy stumbling along the max tracks and then being an asshole to the TriMet guy that told him to stop.

Fuck being up this early, fuck being on trimet right now, fuck today.

Okay ... Teach your bus driver on line 71 bus number 7143 how to use the break... Seriously getting whiplash over here...

like the great philosopher Max like trimet thelus said "Hoes be some lonely ass bitches"

*boy rides Trimet to girl* *girl falls in love*

your machine on 6th and pine just stole 5 dollars from me. Thanks a lot

Trimet always smells like weed

The nice lady at Jeldwen Field helped me out by giving me a ticket when I tried to buy one to replace the one I lost. Thank you!

A trimet bus just did a U turn on a busy road! Lmao!!!!! I'm done.


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