Thursday, June 27, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Tf I'm pissed trimet is fucking stupid giving out tickets because you don't have id, bitch its called summer break hoe.
An asian trimet driver....

FUCK OFF! You're worse than men on

Is it too much to ask for it to be quiet on the bus during the layover? Clearly it is, judging by this idiot on my 58

Hey idiot lady on the 58 blasting rap from her phone, 1) shut up. 2) ever hear of headphones?

bus driver just told me good luck as I got off the bus. Good luck for what!?

Walked my nauseous stomach to bus stop, only to have bus I needed just not bother to show up. Thanks #15 scheduled 6:02pm @ 7898

Bus 1827. The sticker says water leak with arrows. Love it!

Wow WB out of downtown is a nightmare tonight.

Packed train through downtown. Lotsa people waiting. Next train? Out of service. Thanks a bunch.

It took me 2 months to realize my new stop on my way to work is across the street from . Thank u . Now I get my AM !

Kids on the line 9 bus are actin like fricking idiots....

Finally seen a hybrid bus!! line 72! :)

Awkward convos with awkward ppl on the trimet

Someone on this MAX is either cooking a hot dog or they should only sweat at outdoor grill parties for minimal offending.

Come on ... I understand there's construction but god damn

You know, it's impossible to stay on time when the bus doesn't even leave on time! Finally, driver shows up.

The buzzer had gone off, yet the driver of block 5773 is nowhere to be seen. Wonderful.

Beginning my 3 hour trimet trip. Sitting at this bus stop makes me feel like I'm four years back in time.

My bus is 20 minutes late. I'm getting sick and tired of trimet

Hey guys i was just curious what Caused the Firealarm at Washington Park the other day

Whenever I'm riding Trimet and I'm in a hurry, every person who request a stop besides mine goes on my shit list.

hahahaha, you dick! Trimet will be out to get you in Japan. Just watch, lol.

never wants me to get off! Lol. Missing my stop. Locked back doors. Lol

* Vehicle location data is unavailable. Scheduled time is shown instead. = you're screwed

Wow super rude bus driver on the 47 if I ask where a bus is going you don't have to ask if I can read

Swiggity swandy Trimet hates the Mandy

Does Trimet really wanna mess with me today?

I hate trimet. Bitches love to stare.

Really? Wow. Guess I haven't spent enough concurrent days there to notice that problem on . But walking in certain hoods...

Hello some sad things happened last night on my ride home. The bus driver was going to fast and made a young lady walk over a mile!

Thanks driver of bus 32 for almost running me over today. Love the excitement of not knowing if I'll survive a morning walk.

You're not the only one, considering the hit or miss behavior on most ticket machines.

The delicate, flower-like nature of MAX system will move to the forefront of the news: It get's hot, we don't work.

There's a creepy old guy staring at us on the train (? Light rail? Trimet? What do I call this?)

Someone gave me a flower on Trimet.

I'm on the #9 bus #2540. My driver is making alot of sounds like she's in pain, and sounds like she's having trouble breathing.Safe?

Thanks, driver of 17 that just went out of service at 134th. Dropping me off at Bush on your way back to the barn was appreciated!!

I think I ride the bus of the Twilight Zone: quiet, clean-cut, young professionals. Often the most zen moment of my day.

Ugh I hate Trimet. Always smells like a mixture of weed and B.O.

Sometimes I wanna run a sting and kick the crap out of an iPhone thief.

Fare inspectors at Sunset TC EB!

Lame. This is a little different, Trimet can that hasn’t been picked up in weeks and is spilling over.

88 op passed 13036 at 0601 (sched 0605 - missed it) and left 9621 at 0615 (sched 0612). Op/ needs to learn customer service!

Im sorry I can never get on trimet again lol I just can't do it and 99% of the time I get lost! Haha

"the lord just doesn't diddle anyone" -old woman on

Trimet is hella weak!!!

Kneeling bus beep is DEAFENING on new buses. Not cool .

operator on train 246B has anger issues and closed doors on children exiting at Sunset TC platform. Expect a report on this soon.

This bus driver's batouttahell driving is making me nauseous. Thanks

this Trimet dude really didnt believe I was 16 he made me how him 3 forms of ID

I got this ticket from the bus! Way to go trimet. The old paper tickets were a nightmare!

that mission though.. didnt now how meth head population grew so darn fast.

Tired of paying for weak ass Trimet!

On my way to work I had to get through a fight on the max almost got hit by the trimet bus and pretty dam close to getting hit by a Truck!

Anyone who thinks it's a good idea to talk on their phone on the bus while it is on speakerphone loudly is an immediate douchebag

Damn trimet bus is making me late for work!!

I hate waiting for the trimet bus.

Taking good ol trimet for the first time in a while. Dressed up. I'm gonna have to tell people i got a DUI or something

When there are plenty of open seats in the bus is when I don't let other people sit next to me. It's too creepy when they do


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