Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Trimet loses round 1 in the Lane Jensen case

Readers of this blog already know that Trimet lies daily about everything under the sun. It's actually rare that they tell the truth about anything going on there. They  have taken misinformation and made it into an art form with their  highly professional propaganda Department.

The biggest lie in the Lane Jensen Case, spread by one of the biggest faces of liars at Trimet, MARY FETCH was that this case was not about Trimet vs Lane Jensen, it's about  a 'private person' (Trimet propaganda employee Roberta Alsdadt)  getting 2 text messages in five months that 'annoyed' her. Lane is barred from board meetings and can't contact any managers but it is not about Trimet. What lies they spin over there.

The defense asked that all emails, text messages, memo's and every other item that bares Lane Jensen's name  be provided going back to January 1, 2013.  Trimet attempted this morning to QUASH that subpoena by arguing that the case is not about Trimet. The defense reminded the judge how a federal judge fined Trimet $5,000 for hiding evidence in the case of David Sale among other things.

Trimet's motion was denied and there goes another lie spread by the liars of Trimet down the drain.

Trimet is indeed involved with the prosecution of Lane Jensen, its all about Trimet. Never believe what Trimet says about anything. They are paid to lie.

'Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.'
Noam Chomsky


David Christensen said...

If Trimet is not involved why is it that it was the Trimet police arrested him, twice? I think that question should be put to the DA. I think it would have been a different case if the Portland Police or any other agency arrested him.

Al M said...

Trimet was always involved with this. They attempted to spin the other story and got that shoved up there ass

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that is there is any evidence at all of collusion between Trimet employees to 'get' Lane Jensen they are all in big trouble.

Problem is is that Trimet will purge any damming evidence for sure. It's illegal as hell but that never stopped Trimet before.

Anonymous said...

hey al you should pull a free of Information Act and request a a copy of all computers that have accessed your web site

Al M said...

I can get that information;
1 Dec 30 2013 3:45:33 pm 4 4:56
2 3:42:20 pm 1 0:00
3 3:41:36 pm 1 0:00
4 3:41:01 pm 1 0:00
76.115.21.# 3:35:57 pm 1 1:22
172.56.32.# 3:35:43 pm 2 0:54
7 3:24:07 pm 1 0:00
8 3:20:35 pm 1 0:00
205.173.217.# 3:15:19 pm 1 0:07
10 2:58:11 pm 4 2:22
11 2:52:06 pm 1 0:00
12 2:48:21 pm 1 0:00
13 2:47:17 pm 1 0:00
14 2:42:45 pm 1 0:46
76.115.21.# 2:38:01 pm 2 0:06
16 2:31:22 pm 1 0:00
17 2:21:55 pm 1 3:15
18 2:11:45 pm 1 0:00
19 2:00:55 pm 1 0:00

Anonymous said...

This is just the first piece of bull shit that Trimet got smacked down for.

Wait till the actual trial

Anonymous said...

Hi Al, it's an old pal from your bus driving days that's since decided to lay low.

I didn't want to take sides on the Lane Jensen issue until I heard about his second arrest and TriMet's attempt to forbid him from his right to First Amendment Speech regarding the agency (including taking photos of buses). People need to realize this is a government agency claiming that the people cannot speak freely regarding it!

Now I'm not one to defend Lane or comment specifically on his actions; one's freedom of speech comes with the responsibility to accept that others may exercise their freedom of speech as a direct result.

However, some unanswered questions that delve into the why of Lane being setup: 1) Why didn't Ms. Alsdadt simply cease & desist Lane (if I understand correctly, a court order prohibiting someone from doing something and telling them if they refuse they will be taken to court)? 2) Why didn't Ms. Alsdadt simply reply with something like 'I will not answer this question or any other you have' to Lane? 3) Did Ms. Alsdadt exhaust all other legal remedies before having Lane arrested? 4) If Ms. Alsdadt is unhappy with public discussion of her job performance as an executive employee at a public agency, why does she continue to work there? There are plenty of private-sector organizations that "need" media relations/public relations professionals where she would be insulated from the public to some degree, and probably be more highly compensated. And, finally 4) I noticed that Lane was starting to take a look at TriMet finances, spending, and other money issues at the agency, similar to Michael Andersen when he did his independent Portland Afoot. I wonder if one or both of them were on to something. Really, what is TriMet hiding?